Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Busy, Fun Day

I got to start my day doing things I love, canning and baking.
I made 12 jars of Apple Butter and 16 loaves of pumpkin bread.
Some of them are being gifted tomorrow, some later.
The house smelled so good. Imagine...cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg times two. In the oven and bubbling on the stove. 
Then at noon, my sweet DIL Lialani came over to give me a pedicure. This sweet girl has been doing this for me for at least 7 or 8 years. She does a wonderful job and it makes me feel so pampered plus it's about 1 1/2 hours of good catch-up time for us.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my Mr.SS came in with a surprise. I didn't think we had any roses left on our bushes, but he found 5 late bloomers. Two red, two lavender and one yellow. The lavender ones smell so, so good. As he always does when he brings in roses, he said "Will you accept this rose?" He knows my obsession for The Bachelor. (I know, not a good thing to reveal about me, but I do watch)
Yesterday morning this is what the "new" front of our house looked like.
Today Mr. SS hung the Christmas wreath on my...
New Red Door.
Oh yes, it was a fun, busy day and  now time to
close this and go to bed.
Merry Christmas everyone.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Afternoon with a Few of My Favorite Things

This past summer, my son built cabinets for my sewing/office/laundry room. I had been using  folding tables and plastic containers for quite a while. Later I will do a post of the before and after of this miracle makeover, but for now, I'll just show you what I did today.
I unpacked a box of toy sewing machines that I have had for a long time. At one time I had at least 20 of them, but with each of the last 3 moves, I pared them down to just 6. These have been in storage for 6 years. It was fun getting them out and cleaning them up. They are anchoring my little vignettes.
I wanted some open shelving to display some of my favorite things. These are L shaped. You'll see the other part later. 

The top shelf has the sweetest little book about the button boxes or tins we all grew up with. My grandma had a Cigar Box, but my Mom's were in the little Apple tin can you see here. She never threw away a piece of clothing without  pulling off the buttons.
 Besides a little toy machine, this shelf has an old jar of threads and vintage needle cases among other goodies. The small vintage metal trunk holds all of my embroider floss.
My bible on the right, my hand sewing basket, a picture of my oldest granddaughter and the little pin cushion that was given to my by my Aunt Lola the last time I visited her before she passed away.
 Now the other half of the L shelves. Just some pretty fabric, books and more button jars.
I have a lot more button jars and baskets. Someday I'll do a post on my buttons...oh my!
 My little black Singer and an old machine that isn't a toy, but it is a hand crank and is dated 1883. My friend MariEllen gave me that one. As you can see, these are up on top of the cabinets.
 This is the first little toy machine I bought. I got it at an antique store and paid way too much for it. Then I discovered I could find them in flea markets for a lot less. But it is a treasure because it was my first. The button tree was given to my by my cousin and has a lot more buttons than it looks like here.
 So after my knees couldn't take anymore ladder climbing I settled down to working on a project I started 6 years ago for my then 6 year old grandson, Cade. It's going to be finished this year for Christmas. His room is still red white and blue and I think the stars are still age appropriate for a 12 yr. old. I'm backing it in Red Minkee. He loves Minkee pillowcases and gets a new one every year or so, so I know he will love a quilt to match.
Its a twin size. I only have 4 more rows to go. It's very labor intensive, but fun. I've never been good at "scrappy" quilts, but have enjoyed this one, probably because it in my favorite colors.

Mr.SS is still working on the front of our house. Maybe I'll have more progress to show you next time. We put wood blinds up on the inside this that was an accomplishment too, but not one of my favorite things to do. Haha!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Little Fall Decorating

Even though we are having an Indian Summer (Is that politically correct?), well we are, with temps in the high 70's and even 80, fall is in full bloom around here, at least inside the house anyway. Not many leaves have changed on the outside, though.
The nights are a little cooler, so I put flannel sheets on the bed and added a blanket. Nothing I like better than clean flannel sheets.
Changing my hutch out with the seasons is one of my favorite things to do. I love the warm colors of fall and had fun with the few decorations I have. I say few, because I literally had almost as many tubs for fall as I had for Christmas until we moved from our bigger house into the RV  Small Cottage. Now I have added a few things back into my collection of fall fun, since now we are really in a small cottage 

I still had my all white decorations in the hutch, so some of them stayed.  I like the sparkle of a little white with the fall colors. Well, let's face it...I just like white. 
The mirrored window was placed there to cover up some nasty holes. It was just a plain window until Mr. SS got a hold of it. He added a shelf on top and a window sill and knobs on the bottom. Just to the left is the door going into my Sewing Studio/laundry/office. The plan is to take the "window" down and put up a sliding barn door. It took me a while to make that seem like it was Mr. SS's idea. lol
A few candy jars that my grand kids head for when they walk in the door.
One of my treasures here is the tiny postal scale that my friend Gail gave me. I love it because it's little, but also because I worked for the post office in my younger days.
A few more decorations...thinking about Thanksgiving now.
You can barely tell, but the platter is a vintage milk glass turkey platter that I treasure.
The plate on the bottom right is the last thing my sister made and sent to me before she passed away. It is a pretty fall scene with fabric under glass.
A cute fabric pumpkin I made at Strawberry Patches a couple of years ago.
My table setting with the newly added Pioneer Woman Amber Goblets and Cowgirl Lace Flatware.

Coffee Table with a Dept. 56 Church and my white Pilgrims and Turkey. Mr. Pilgrim suffered a broken neck in our last move, but a little super glue and he remains a part of this little vignette.
I haven't changed this display for years. It was all Home Goods purchases  and they used to have a site where you could post the way you used things you bought from them.I posted a picture similar to this.  So many years ago before I was a blogger, I started following my first blogger ever from that site. Tracey from Notes from a Cottage Industry
Okay, here's my entry bench. I put a pretty fall fabric and vintage buttons on the back of my "Boo" pillow, so it went from Halloween to Fall with just a flip over. I did the little embroidered pillow last year.
Last year a friend, Sandi, had our friendship group over for some crafting. We made this fall button picture.
The same evening we made this garland. She had printed vintage Thanksgiving cards and we glittered them, strung them and added the torn strips of fabric. It was a fun fast project. I love having it hang in my entry.
That's all for fall inside. I did a little decorating outside too, but we are still in the construction phase there, so not too much to share.
Speaking of construction, the outside of the windows are trimmed out and columns started on both sides of the garage door and at the far right end of the house. Today's  progress doesn't show yet. Electrical had to be run in the attic for the lights that will go on the columns. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Thank goodness for my Mr. SS.
Terrible picture, but this is the bedroom window all trimmed out. We put up Faux wood blinds today, so I wanted to get a picture before they went up. Now I have to put some curtains up. Maybe just sheers on a pretty black iron rod. I don't want to hide the window trim to much.

I saw a quote on Face book that I liked.
It reminded me of the way I sign off on my posts.
It was something like:
God is Great
Life is Good.


Monday, October 31, 2016


Besides sewing for my business, I have done a couple of other big projects during the month of October.

I really haven't done any Halloween decorating since my boys were growing up. I love Autumn, Fall and Thanksgiving decorations. and I usually just  do those. But, this year I saw a couple of patterns that inspired me to maybe do my entry bench and shelf with a touch of Halloween. This is one one of the patterns. It is a large bench pillow and since I have done the spring one, you can see here, I already had the gigantic pillow form made for it. 
I had all the fabrics I needed in my stash, except the background white with black polka dot.
I did it all hand applique with blanket stitch, then hand and machine quilting and binding like a quilt
so it took me a long time, but I finished it in time to take a picture for today. lol Well I'll have it next year so  I can do my little entry way corner in what I will call "soft" Halloween.
My new sidelights next to my door let in light and I love that, but it kinda spoiled my photo op this morning.
This is the end of the pillow you can't see in the other picture. It's also my granddaughter, Drew's birthday date, so that is one of the reasons I liked this pillow design. Another is the cute candy corn flowers with vintage black button centers.
I also found this cute pattern on Facebook and really wanted to make it this year for my corner. It is small and perfect for the wall behind my bench. You can find a link for this and the pillow pattern on my Facebook.
The fabrics used for that cute little quilt above are from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill. I found some at my local fabric store, Cherry Berry Quilts, and some I got from Shabby Fabrics on line. It is a sweet little collection, not scary Halloween and the bottom orange is more a tangerine, I can use with other combinations.
I didn't get this one made, but am all set for next year. That's the way us quilters do things sometimes.
Since I mentioned my granddaughter Drew above, thought I would show you her picture from her very first formal a couple of weeks ago. Happy 17th Birthday Drew.
While I am on the subject of  birthdays, yesterday was my middle son's birthday. Happy Birthday Eric.
I won't say his age, because it would hint at how really old I am. This was taken a couple of years ago.
One more sewing project finished this month. Worked on yo-yos for this for longer than I want to admit, but this was for my cousin. I should do a tutorial on yo yo quilts. It really turned out a lot nicer than some I've seen. I learned a lot.
Last, but certainly not least. I posted this on facebook, but wanted to put it here too.
The view from my porch yesterday afternoon.

Until next time...


Friday, October 28, 2016

A Little Uplift to the Front of our Little Cottage

Once again, it has been awhile, hasn't it? Everyday, I think about something I want to blog about and somehow the day goes by and I haven't. Well, today I was taking pictures of our front entry and decided it was time to sit down and journal the changes on my blog. I've put some things on Facebook about it, but this is a little more detailed.
This is the only before picture of our cottage I could find. As you can see the front door is not centered under the portico. I have wanted it moved since the first time we looked at the house. When Mr. SS decided to move it, I suggested that we add sidelights as long as we were changing things. Well, things went kinda crazy from there. That is typical of us. We are fixer uppers at heart and knew from day one, that the front of this house was going to change. You can't see them, but there are 4"x4" in posts at the front of the portico.
From the inside after door was removed.
The out side. The top of the portico had a ceiling right above the door. Mr. SS removed it and started designing.
He cut out the opening for door and side lights. Wow, it really opened up our entry. Loving it already.
From the outside.

Framing it all in.

Sidelights are in!
Door back in and all trimmed out on the inside.
We did not change the size of the portico at all, just subtracted and added to make it look so much more prominent.  He removed a paneling to expose that area under the roof line. The center brace and beam were already there, but he added the two pieces of wood.
From the inside.
Now bead board and two columns have been added to the wall surrounding the door. The 4x4 posts have been wrapped and trimmed. Every thing already looks so much bigger.
Bead board  and a center beam was added to the roof of the portico and it is primered.
Painting done
Look at those columns.
The ceiling with bead board and our new little chandelier. It only has 3 lights and lots of little crystals. At night the crystals sparkle on the all that shiny white paint. It is so pretty.
We still have to paint  front door and are leaning towards red. Our last house had a red one, and I never tired of it.

Okay, done for today. Some sewing next time and then the new window makeovers.

As always,  I am feeling blessed