Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day

It seems the only time I post any more is on a holiday. I had so much fun decorating for Valentines Day, I wanted to take pictures and post so I have them for inspiration next year. My table decorations were inspired by my longtime good friend Suzanne.
You've read about her many times here. She is the retired owner of my favorite quilt store Strawberry Patches. She moved to Kansas last summer and I miss her more than I can say. We have been friends since college. She dated and married a high school friend of my Mr. SS's. We married these friends the same year, had our baby boys about the same time, cooked, sewed and shopped together. She has been my inspiration for most of my adult life in more ways than decorating and sewing. Her love and zest for life, her determination, courage, and strength have always been a shining light.  I could go on, but let's get on to Valentines Day. Love you, Suzanne.

This is a glance at my hutch. There are a few Valentine's specific decorations, but mostly just everything I could find red and white in my cupboards.
The three tiered stand is new and I found it at Home Goods. I love it because it looks like tart pans and fits my country farmhouse, cottage style. Again, most everything here came from my cupboards.
Here's another view.
Suzanne had posted her 3 tiered stand and cookie jar on face book and I totally copied. Who knew it would take so long to place each cookie in this jar. It won't take nearly as long for them to come out. 
All together.
I even tried to make the back of the stand look good.
See the scrabble X O. They were given to my by a good friend Ruth.
A little dark, but this decoration sits on top of the stand and was made at friend Sandi's house last year. She is sitting on a favorite thing of mine, a wooden spool.

I wanted to add pictures of a Valentine's pillow I did, but I'm having technical issues with this dinosaur of a laptop accepting pictures off my new phone.  I get a new phone so I can take pictures again and now can't get them on an old computer.  

On to happy days. We celebrated Mr.SS's birthday with all but one of the grands on Super Bowl Sunday, as we always do. The one missing is our college boy, Kyle who now lives in Oregon. The young man with the dog is our Drew's new friend, Evan and our new friend too. My son's old 1958 red pickup was not only seats on the tailgate for football watching but my favorite photo prop.

Hoping to post next about our weeks of camping. Mr. SS has been on a job in Ventura since before Christmas and we have endured many rainy days in a campground, but you know how I love my little blue trailer.



Suzanne said...

Beverly I was humbled and teary as I read your post. I am honored to be cited as an inspiration to your enormous talent. I think we all are incouraged and inspired by one another. I know I am. Sharing is such an important part of the creative process. It motivates us to do and be. Thank you for taking the time here to share.

I love your table and your tiered stand. I love that you incorporated mementos from friends. Such a great way to remember special times with people you love.

Today I am preparing a special Valentines Day dinner for our Kansas family. For once my pretty holiday tablescape will be used, not just a decoration!

Enjoy your time in Ventura. I hope you have time to get your toes in the sand. Miss you guys.

Michelle said...

Sounds like good times in our neck of the woods. Good to hear from you!

Creations By Cindy said...

What a sweet post and wonderful words about your dear friend. Loving all the valentines and happy late birthday to your man. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

luvtoquilt said...

That is so beautiful and fun. So happy that you are able to display your favorite things. Now on to Easter!