Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are these real?

Thanksgiving dinner isn't at my house this year and since I didn't have a Thanksgiving post, I was just thinking of something my grandkids asked about a dessert I had made.  My oldest two are spending the week with us and they always ask if something is real before they take a bite.  You might ask "Well why would they ask that?  Well, I'll take you on a little tour of my kitchen to show you. Now mind you, these are only a few of my collection. Different ones for different holidays.

This is my chocolate collection and I use it during fall because it fits in with the fall colors.

I love these little crackers and I am still on the lookout for faux cheese as I have several cute cheese spreaders

These are a favorite, because they really do look real and I don't make bread or rolls regularly.

Okay....what's left of these are real and they don't last long around here.

I really do bake a lot and my hubby likes dessert with every meal, and yes he is one of those, (unlike moi) who can eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound. But, I like having my faux food to display in my many cloches. However, with Christmas decorating coming in the next few days, those same cloches will be filled with little vignettes, I will post later.

A Blessed Thanksgiving to all those who visit. I appreciate every comments and love to visit your blogs as well.


Suzanne said...

Love your displays Beverly! Just this week Nathan was tempted to help himself to some foil wrapped chocolates in an antique candy jar. Older brother Jake warned him that they were old and probably would regret eating them. I confirmed that they were for display only since they had been there for over eight years. I too get "are they okay to eat?"!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Victorian at Heart said...

I have been with you when you have bought many of your faux foods but it is your "real" food I love the best. You are a great cook and, I might add, a great friend. I am thankful that 34 years ago we bought a house next door to you. What a blessing you have been in my life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

When I came to the photo of the chocolate chip cookies, I thought, Wow, they look incredibly real! Then I read that they were. Here I am stuffed, and I'm wanting those cookies :-) I love all your photos. I can't wait to see the Christmas photos too. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sally said...

Your faux "goodies" look wonderful! You really know how to display! I am looking forward to our dinner tomorrow night in your lovely home. Our dinners are so much fun and mean a lot to me. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!