Sunday, November 8, 2009

Green Tomatoes

While in Tehachapi last week I was given some green tomatoes. They were expecting frost that night and had to pick them or lose them.  I really don't know what to do with green tomatoes except to fry them, but since I don't fry any more, the only thing I could think of was put them on my window sill to see if they would ripen. Guess what? After one day, see that one tomatoe?  Since we finished our kitchen remodel two years ago, I have always wanted something in my window sill. Of couse my hubby would prefer it be pies, but it's not big enough for that.

The farmgirl wanna be in me would like to grow tomatoes, but alas, I will have to be satisfied with looking at them on the window sill. This is two days later and I am having that first red one in my salad for dinner. Silly how I can  get excited about tomatoes ripening on my window sill.

Oh....see my farmhouse sink? I looooove that sink. Some people thought I would be sorry I did not get a divided one, but I have never  regretted it for a minute. It will hide a lot of dirty dishes to later be put in the dishwasher. Especially if I have guests, and don't want to do them right away....out of sight out of mind.  The other reason I love it so much is that it is perfect for bathing grandbabies. I don't have to lean over the tub and they love spashing around in it. Even their mommy's think it is pretty cool for that.  And great for those large pots and pans. Love it, love it, love it.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I have tomatoes ripening in a bowl on my kitchen counter too. The only ones I have left are small though, my big ones are all gone. I love your sink too, I wish I had one like that. Ours is way too small to be much good. Nothing like the one I grew up with. I guess they made sinks bigger when you used to have to wash dishes by hand.

Suzanne said...

I didn't know they would ripen like that. Cool. I have farm sink too and love it. Never bathed a grandkid there. They were way too big by the time our remodel was done. Tried once but Michael said, "That's okay Grammie, I'll just go take a shower". (Just kidding).

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Love, Love, Love your farm sink. I have always wanted one. I think one full sink is best not two sided, since I always bathed my kids and Grand-kids in the kitchen sink when they were babies.
Your Grand-daughter is lovely and how wonderful she can dance in Toe shoes.
Enjoy your day and keep creating,

French Kissed said...

I adore farm sinks but could not work one in when I did my remodel ~ lucky you! Enjoy your tomatoes! Truth be known, most of the ones we get from the supermarket are ripened off the vine.


vintagebejoyful said...

Hi Beverly,

I love the tomatoes on your sill, they look darling and homey, funny how that works, your sink is fabulous, when we re-do our kitchen most likely in the distant future that is what I would love to have, sorry to hear about your booth.....change is sometimes hard, but opens doors for new adventures...


Stacey said...

Those tomatoes look so sweet in your window sill. How lucky you are this late in the season to get them. :)

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

You could always make some fried green tomatoes, lol i love the way the tomatoes look and i want to see more of the faux food you have. Nice someone else likes the faux food.