Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Special Day and Back to Business

I am writing this for me, so anyone reading can skip down to the next part if you want.

Today is my sister's birthday. She passed away a little over a year ago. I don't remember the exact date, but it isn't important. Her birthday is what I remember the most. Every year when I start decorating for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving, I think about our childhood.  Our Mom would not let us mention Christmas shopping, Santa or putting up the tree until after Cindy's birthday. She always wanted that to be a special day for her before we started celebrating the holidays.  My sister and I didn't see each other often, but I never failed to call her on her birthday.  Now, she on the other hand had her house decorated and presents sent out by Thanksgiving. She was crazy Aunt Cindy to my kids and grandkids, because you never knew what she would send. She made a lot of presents and I treasured those, but she also would send the kids funny things that made them laugh. Opening Aunt Cindy's presents on Christmas Eve was a tradition around here even after all the grandkids came. One of my DIL's even set up a corner at Christmas called Aunt Cindy's corner with all the singing toys and decorations she sent. It is so sweet.
My sister had the best laugh.  Things were not always the best between us, but that's okay, because we loved each other. We are as different as night and day in everyway including size. She was short and "skinny", I am taller and shall we say (to put it nicely) plump.  Regardless of size, we look our Mom, and her kids and grandkids look at me funny sometimes and say, you look so much like Mom or you look just like Granny.
And that is the greatest compliment I could have.

Now Back to Business
I had to take a little break from decorating, baking and shopping to get a couple of real jobs done.
I have a friend who is an interior designer and she hires me to do her sewing.  This shower curtain was a rush job for a client that was having a Christmas Party. Like all of us she was fluffing and poofing for guests.  One of my DIL's saw it and she wants one just like it for a newly remodeled bathroom.....after Christmas of course.

Then another friend asked me cover a footstool for her to give her DIL as a gift. She came over and cut everything out for me while I sewed. I have done several of these in the past in more of a cottage look with different fabrics combined. This was a little more tone on tone version. You can't tell too well, but it is a toile with a wide stripe. Its an old foot stool and this is just a slip cover.  That way it can be change when needed.


Polly@MakeMineBeautiful said...

Beverly, what a sweet story about your sister.I hear people talk of their relationships with sisters, read all the 'Sisters are best friends" signs, hear about 'me & my sister' going shopping, etc, etc, and it just tugs at me. I have two sisters, and have never and will never have that kind of relationship with them. I have chosen not to have them in my life, but even if I hadn't, special realtionships would never be formed. We are just each so different from the other. Whether you were close to your sister or not, you at least have the memory of her caring about you and caring for your kids, and that's something to be treasured. I enjoyed reading your story.

You have yourself a wonderful holiday!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You're a very talented seamstress Beverly. Both the shower curtain and the footstool turned out wonderful. I'm sorry that you lost your sister. She sounds like she was a wonderful person. My MIL did the same thing for Russ, she wouldn't decorate or do anything for Christmas until after his birthday. Even now, we usually wait to put up the tree until then, but that's just as much for me as for him. We have lots of people here, so it's one less thing to walk around :-)

The Graceful Stitch said...

Hi Beverly, thank you for your comments on my post today. I'm going to ponder the spool tree topper. You have me intrigued, maybe a star? What a wonderful post about your sister. Thank you for keeping things real. My brothers and I don't have a traditional relationship as others do, but I hope I could say something as beautiful as you if needed. Have a joyfilled day!

Suzanne said...

You are so good about remembering birthdays. I don't speak to my sister often but love her to death and enjoy it when I do. You know you are a lot like a sister to me. Don't see you often but love our time together.

Your shower curtains are great. I've said it before but is there nothing you can't sew?

Dogmom Diva said...

Beverly, what a lovely post. I was estranged from my sister for many years, due to many problems she had..she and her hubby got their act together, as did I in other ways, and about 3 or 4 years ago we mended our fences and are as close as can be, and I never thought that would happen. She lives in IL and I am here in CA, but we chat and text every single day. She is a blessing in my life. I get the sister thing.
Ok can I hire you for sewing, what a beautiful job on the shower curtain. I have lots of ideas, I am just not a seamstress,, lol!
Have a happy new year!