Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

In honor of the snow all around us (none at my house), I thought I would put a few pictures of my kitchen Christmas decorations as they are all snowmen, blue and white. My kitchen is normally decorated in blue and white, so the transition at Christmas is easy.

The first two are on either side of a corner cabinet. This last one is on my center island.
(Sorry for the flash reflection on the mercury tree, Jermaine. I am embarrassed to say I can't figure out how to turn off my flash. But I did take the advice you gave for lighting. Thanks for your help)

This last one is in my entryway just to the right as you enter the front door. It is a "kitty corner" little niche that my husband put in for my displays. He actually cut off the corner of my MB closet which is on the other side of the wall. It is the corner where my shoe shelves are, so it really was more important for me to have the space for this cute little niche. Again....I will always choose cute over practicality.


The Graceful Stitch said...

Oh how pretty! I just love the corner cabinet, what a perfect spot for that. Thanks for commenting on the blog yesterday. We are currently getting set for a snow storm and as pretty as it sounds, it's really a pain!

Sally said...

Blue and white looks so great in your kitchen. All of your deco scenes are so pretty, and I just love the glassware with the ornaments inside -- it's perfect! Everything looks so warm and cozy even though it's a snowy scene. You know just how to combine everything together. Your corner cabinet is great, and yes, I wholeheartedly agree-- looks over practicality!! Enjoy your beautiful kitchen this Christmas with your family and grandkids.

Jane said...

I love the blue and white kitchen Christmas decorations! They definitely evoke a feeling of winter. They look beautiful.
Great idea for a little niche in the hallway. It does make a great spot to highlight your displays.
Have a great week.

French Kissed said...

Hi Beverly,

Your corner display cabinet is gorgeous! I am not sure that I have ever seen one quite like it. How lucky you are to have a husband that can make improvements like that. It looks like you have many beautiful custom details around your home. ~jermaine~

Stacey said...

OK, I am in love with all of that blue and white! It's gorgeous. I double clicked on the pictures to see them nice and big - lovely!

I wish I had a kitty corner shelf like that. In our last house we had built in shelves and this house doesn't. It never occured to me that I would miss them until we were here. I need surfaces. :)

Acorn Cottage said...

Very happy Christmas time around your home! I LOVE built-ins....anywhere. It's part of the charm of homes. I love older homes that have lots of them. Nice that you husband is handy like that!

Smiles, Nancy

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how pretty. I love that you decorate the kitchen too. Mine is still with all the fall. Your cloches are just wonderful and I love your snowmen and the church scene in the cake cloche. Your decorations are just fabulous. Also, thanks for stopping by and by all means please join us for the next "Cloche" Party. They are so much fun and I love to see all the wonderful creations everyone comes up with. I have a poll on my sidebar where everyone is suppossed to vote for when they want the next party. I will announce the next date way in advance so everyone has time. Hope your day is super. Hugs, Marty

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Beverly,
Your kitchen looks wonderful all decorated for winter. I love your corner cabinet...what a fabulous area to display collectible and adorable vignettes!
I'm so sorry you had trouble with the voting. I think I know now what it is...apparently you have to become a "Fan" of HomeGoods on Facebook before you can click on "Like." Hope you try again! :-) You are a love for trying the first appreciate you!

patches said...

The perfect marriage of wood working genius and creative vision. Who would have thought forty some years ago that the two of you would be making such beautiful remodels together. Dennis is such an artisan. His love of what he does certainly shows here. Love your kitchen Beverly with the touches of blue. I know the kids must love to come over to see what you've been up to.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I adore all your snowmen, they are so cute. I have a snowmen family that I put out every year. We still have not decorated, but this weekend the kids are comming over to help. It's just so hard to get around, I am so glad the kids are comming to help.
I really love all your Christams decorations.
Big hugs,

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The blue and white color scheme looks so pretty, and I love all the snowmen. You're a wonderful decorator Beverly.

Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

I love all of the beautiful decorations! The blue and white look just lovely in your kitchen!

Dawn said...

Your blue and white decor is very pretty. I'm loving that yellow striped wall too! Glad you enjoyed my Red post.
Warm hugs,

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

How lovely to take another look at all of your beautiful decorations. They are all just gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by my TT post and leaving such gracious comments. Hugs, Marty