Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Bliss

My pocket Webster lists "bliss" as complete happiness, or joy.  I wasn't even aware of this word until a couple of years ago.  I hesitate to use it because I think it is a little overused, but just couldn't think of another word to describe what spending so much time sewing means to me. There are so many other things in my life that bring me happiness and joy. Those things being my Lord, my husband, my family and friends, cooking, cleaning (yes, that's what I said), gardening and decorating to name a few, but sewing rates way up there near the top. This week I was blessed to be able to sew more than usual and  I was rewarded greatly by my granddaughter when I made her this robe for her birthday and made one for her American Doll to match.  She loves it and doesn't want to take it off.

It is made from Minkee fabric an a coordinating fabric. It is so soft and cozy without being heavy.
All of my grandkids have Minkee pillowcases I have made for them and love the way it feels.

I also did another model for my favorite quilt store.

Isn't it cute? You can find the pattern here:
and....I made 3 more of these (18 total now, not counting the four I made for the granddaughters for Christmas)

Friday, I will finish Roman Shades for my friend Gail @ I have made her Dining room and Living room drapes and Roman Shades for the
Dining Room also. When I get the shades done for the living room I will be taking pictures to show here. She designs them, finds the fabric and I sew them. We make a good team.
What I know is that if I spend some time following my "bliss" each week,  the rest of the things I do seem to fall into place and I am a much happier woman.


Jane said...

You do beautiful work. The picture of your granddaughter with her American Girl doll says it all! You can tell how much she loves the matching robes. My mom makes American Girl size doll clothes for a local craft show every year (Mom is eighty and still sews every day). She has made the cutest things over the years and for the past couple of years she has made matching pajama sets. I'm going to show her your cute robes.
I'm glad that you get to follow your bliss!!

Suzanne said...

Love the robes! Did you know that Patty Young, the pattern designer of the outfit you made for the store, also makes matching American Girl doll patterns? You might consider those for your girls.

So. I'll bet you got to follow you'll cleaning bliss after making those robes! ha I've never sewn on a Minkee that I love and hate so much at the same time. After my last project my sewing room and I were both covered in the stuff - not to mention the store, where I cut the project out.

Hope to see you at Bernina Club this morning. I have something for you. = )

Sally said...


Those robes are just the cutest things. What a creative talent you are. Doesn't the joy and smile on your granddaughter's face just make your day?!! Handmade goodies like that are just so special because of all the love inside! And that little dress -- just darling. You are a very busy woman!
I enjoyed so much reading "going steady." What a sweet love story. I just love all the special moments we all shared with our sweethearts while "going together." True love never dies!
Have fun as you "bliss" each moment of every day.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You are such a talented seamstress! I love the photo of your granddaughter. She looks like such a sweetie and you can see that she loves her matching robes.

cindy said...

I have just popped over from It's a small town life..

I have started quilting for the first time in my life. Never sewn a stitch. Just love your talent.