Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Friend

The best part of blogging is all of the nice women I have met and read about.  So many kind, supportative, generous people who share a common bond of one kind or another.
Amber found my blog when I first started blogging and  like I do with all those who visit me, I went to her blog, A Little Bit Biased.  She is a quilter and I found I really enjoyed her posts. I think she got my heart because she is a young Mom with two little ones and she still finds time for her love of quilting. She works in a quilt store too.
Now she has published her own patterns. Her first three are available in her Etsy store.(There is a link on her blog)  She is having three giveaways in the next three weeks. I hope to win one of her patterns, but I will be purchasing one anyway. I loved all three, but think I will start with "Sugar and Spice"
I put her button on my sidebar,(It is Gigi's Thimble) just click it and it will take you to her blog and giveaway.
There is more I could tell you about her, but click and go find out for your self about this talented young woman.


Jane said...

Hi Beverly,
Thanks for the info. and the link to Amber's blog. I will go check it out.
I missed your cloche have some beautiful cloches!!
Have a great week.

Farmchick said...

I will be checking out Amber's blog. Thanks for the link.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Thanks for the link Beverly. Her patterns are very pretty. I enjoyed the cloche's too. Thanks again for checking on me.