Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just the Way I Wanted it After All

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When we bought our 1968 Ranch Style house 6 yrs. ago, the first rooms we did were the laundry room and powder room off the garage.  The laundry room had room for a pantry, so my husband built it and said he would make the doors later.  When my son built my kitchen, entertainment center and china hutch, I asked him to make door for my pantry.  "Oh sure Mom, no problem". I'm not complaining, mind you. I feel very blessed that my hubby and my sons have worked so hard to make this house a home.
But until the week before Easter, my pantry still looked like this:

and the area where I keep laundry and cleaning supplies looked like this:

One day while in Michaels, I found these two cute baskets and took them home to try them in the area at the bottom of the pantry that was "supposed" to be two big drawers.
They just fit here:

Perfect fit!!
So from there, I just decided I was going to pretend I never wanted doors on my pantry and I could "cute up" the rest of the cupboard.
This is what it looks like now.

I used the wallpaper from the laundry room and the bathroom to line and make an edging for the shelves.
(You'll get a tour of both in a minute)
Here you can see the little scallops I cut out of the striped paper.

I had a couple of more pictures, but loaded them upside down. I think you get the "picture".
I was so proud of myself for using something I had and not bugging my hubby or son to make my doors. Also, the wood had been primed, but never painted, so I painted it first. Even painted the door below the cleaning supplies which is my hamper.
So you see....I never really wanted doors. This is so much cuter.

Now for a little tour of the rest of the Laundry Room

Going around the room left to right from the pantry.



I love this light fixture. I think it has a vintage look even though it was new at the time.

Over the French Door leading to the Kitchen.

That was pictures of the top of the room starting at the pantry and moving right all the way around the room.

Here's the lower wall with my ironing board cabinet

This next one is a lamp on top of my washer, which was inspired by a post my friend, Suzanne of

I love these open cupboard (I planned these to be open from the start) and the pole for hanging clothes as they come out of the dryer (sometimes they stay there until we wear them)



Next we are on to the Powder room right off the laundry room. Probably the most used room in the house.
Starting with the floor. It is the same in the laundry room and in the other bathrooms. I love the wavy grout lines and it isn't completely flat. It is a light gray. Gray was my neutral in this house.

A pedestal sink which I have always wanted, but where do you store the TP and extral towels. The little step stool for my grandkids does double duty.

This mirror, I found years before we bought this house and after painting it black, it was perfect for this room.

On the wall to the right of the sink is this little towel rack I found at a street fair.  It is small, but the perfect size for this tiny room.

 Next to the towel rack is the window. The curtain I made from a piece of fabric I found in an antique store being used for a display. I had to have it and it was almost closing time. I begged the lady to call the owner and see if she would sell it.  I think they both new how badly I wanted it because she said I could have it for $45.00. I never buy anything without trying to bargain....but for this I just said "Sold".
It was worth it. After seeing it, nothing else would have done for me.

To the right again is the wall the toilet is on. This is another piece, I searched for, not giving up until I found the right thing. It was marked 1/2 off at a little store going out of business in Morro Bay. So I made up for the expensive curtain fabric.

Just to the right again (this is a small room, you can barely turn around in).

Now the door and the wall to the right of it.

That's it. The part of the post for Met Monday is just the pantry but since I was featuring that, I thought I would show you the rest of the room it was in and the powder room because I used the wallpaper from both rooms for shelf paper.
It is a lot of pictures, but as you all know taking pictures in small rooms is not easy.

I had a hard time posting pictures and even though they look lined up when I wrote this, they post uneven.  Also could not get the links to work right. It's probably just me.


Linda@Coastal Charm said... have some great makeovers...luv all the black and white! Hope you have a FUN week!


I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and check it out…I think you will like it

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love your laundry room and powder room. I think your pantry looks wonderful without doors. You really are a talented decorator. Thanks for letting us visit :-)

mishebe said...

ok where do i start... Love the wallpaper edging.. love the wallpaper in all rooms, curtains are super cute. Love the names of each room on the walls.. going to check out more...

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, those are two very charming spaces! Love the black and white and every single special touch...the open cabinet of your pantry, the polka dotted towels and adorable window treatment and mirror in your bathroom...looks fantastic!

Allison Shops said...

Nice spaces! You've done a wonderful job pulling everything together. Stopping by from BNOTP.

Gail at Victorian at Heart said...

Your pantry area turned out so cute. It is really handy having the open shelves and now it just adds to the charm. Doesn't it feel good to complete another project. I can't believe you had enough energy after all you did for Easter but keep up the good work!

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

I love it all and those baskets fit in our cupboard perfectly and I really like them! You laundry room is to die for. I LOVE how you wrote out all those words for the border.. that is just too clever! Can't wait to see more pics.. they are beautiful!

Farmchick said...

Oooooo!!!! I love the colors and the way you decorate your house. So wonderful!!

Rayanne said...

Oh I love posts like this. So pretty and all the pictures!!!!
Thanks so much for coming by today. I love meeting new bloggy friends!

Janean said...

tres chic! i should have put up one of your photos on my blk & wht post a few days ago as a beautiful REAL LIFE example!!

southerninspiration said...

Beverly, that looks about a basket on the floor to keep extra tp in? I love all that you've done....and thanks for coming by. I will come to your Etsy store in May when you get it set up....glad you could get that goal break it down into the steps you need to take to make it happen and little by little IT WILL HAPPEN!! Best of luck getting it all ready! YOU can do it!


Jane said...

Everything looks fabulous. I love the black and white and all of the words on the upper part of the laundry room. Everything is beautifully coordinated.

Lia at Petite Little Bee said...

Beautiful post thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful blog and I am a new follower. Hope you have a chance to come say hi at my blog. Cheers, Lia

Sewn With Grace said...

I love, love, love your laundry and bath. You are so talented. I don't think I would mind washing at all if I could have your laundry room! Have a blessed day, Beverly!

Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Everything turned out so nice Bev. I love that black checked wallpaper. Where do you find something like that?

What a great touch to add all of the words to the wall. Great job!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Good Morning Beverly,
I love your wall paper choice and the curtains are just perfect! I love the poke a dots. Both rooms are so pretty and complement each other so nicely. I also love the bead board and grown molding, one of favorite decorating things to do. I just think both rooms are great and you did a "GREAT" job designing.
Take care and big hugs,Elizabeth