Monday, April 5, 2010


I made it!!  I got the yard, the house, the cooking and all my sewing done for Easter. I really enjoyed the day. In fact the whole weekend was so special. My cousin, her daughter and my Brother in Law came on Friday. I wish they were in this picture too, but we have been wanting to get a family picture for a long time, so they are behind the camera snapping pictures.
My youngest son's family
Drew, Lexi, Camy, Jack, Brooke and new baby Emmy

My middle son's family
Cade and Kobi

My oldest son's family
I guess at 13 and 15 you don't sit close to your sister or brother...
A few pictures showing the girls dresses.

After church everyone comes to our house. Pictures are taken right away while everyone is looking their best. After pictures, we have our Easter egg hunt. Eight out of the 10 grandkids hunted for about 8 dozen eggs this year, so it was really fun.
After the egg hunt we have dinner which is served buffet style. There were 22 of us this year so eating outdoors is the only option. It was a little chilly this year, but the kids don't seem to notice.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Party Potatoes
Corn Cassarole
Green Bean Cassarole
Baked Beans
Deviled Eggs
2 Jello Salads
3 Bean Salad
Tossed Green Salad

After games and playing in the back yard it's dessert time.

Just so you know...all deserts are real. This is where I had all my cloches filled with fake deserts at Valentines and I promised everyone it would be full of real yummies come Easter.
Strawberry Cake
German Chocolate Cupcake Cake and Cupcakes
Lemon Bars
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Banana Bread
Chocolate Pies (yes two)
Banana Pudding
(the last two still in Fridge)
However, my sweet little Jack still came to me with a cupcake and said "Is this real, can I eat it"
I know, pretty pathetic that  my grandson has to ask if a desert is "real"....Oh Well.
Many thanks to my husband who never takes pictures and stepped up to the plate and took over 100 pictures for  me so I could play hostess.  He also got all the "honey dos" I piled on him  the last couple of weeks done.
Also want to thank my Cousin Judy, her daughter Amber and my sweet Brother in Law Lynn for all their help with every thing. It was truly one of the best days ever.
And most of all I am thanking the Lord for my wonderful loving family.

Thanks to all who make it through this family Easter saga.
I promise to have some more interesting posts in the next few days.

I'm going to share another recipe.
I won a giveaway and can't wait to share about that.
My pantry got cleaned organized and a cute shelf paper threatment I want to show you. Along with that, I am finally ready to show my Powder Room and Laundry room where my pantry is located.
Coming Soon.....the guest bedroom/ playroom/pink room.

Hope all who read this had a blessed Easter Sunday. I visited a lot of you in the last few days, but had no time to comment.  But I will be visiting again and having time to comment. I  have made so many new friends that  I cherish along with the ones of you that I knew before I started this blogging thing.


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

SUCH FUN!!! There is nothing better than family time!

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

OMG that looks so Beautiful.. WOW you did an outstanding job. I think I may want to come to your house next year for Easter! Thanks for sharing, great ideas too!

Farmchick said...

What a truly wonderful day! Love that you shared all of these photos with us. Beautiful family you have and what a job you did with the food!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Great family photo's! and even the kids were smiling. My goodness the desserts look out of this world delish! Sounds like you all had the best Easter day ever.
Take care and have wonderful day,
Big hugs,

Sewn With Grace said...

The dresses looked darling on all the girls! What a beautiful family! So glad everything went well. It looks like you had fun!

Jane said...

What a beautiful family! The Easter dresses are gorgeous and the food (look at all of those desserts!) looks scrumptious!!! You really know how to host an Easter event.
I'm glad you were all able to spend the day together.

Sally said...

Beverly, you couldn't ask for a more wonderful Easter Sunday. I know it was a lot of work, but oh the joys of being with your family and grandchildren. I can tell you had a most special Easter. Your family is beautiful and the Easter dresses take the cake. Speaking of cake, your desserts looked scrumptious. I am curious about the german chocolate cupcakes. They sound yummy. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us.

Annelies Dease said...

The dresses are so cute, the meal looks incredible. You really ARE Martha Stewart aren't you?????

Gail at Victorian at Heart said...

I know you had a special Easter Sunday. The girls look darling in their new dresses and I know someday when they look back, they will see what an amazing Grandma they have. I'm sure the boys too with all those yummy desserts. I see you tried the strawberry cake, hope everyone enjoyed it. Seeing your whole family together brings me joy. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Suzanne said...

The dresses all fit the girls perfectly. All the clothes I make go on mannequin's so to see them on live bodies is a treat. What a gorgeous, healthy family. You and Dennis did good. = )

I want my table back...please. It looks so fabulous piled high with scrumptious desserts. And no dinner would be complete without banana pudding. Yours is the best! Yes, I know how you make it, but you make it better than anyone and I could eat the whole pan by myself. = )

And your yard...stop it please. Now. You're making me tired and feeling like a lazy slug (as I enjoy my coffee in bed). (I'll bet there are no slugs there)xoxo from Avignon