Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heart of the Valley Shop Hop part 1b

Maricopa Quilt Company was our destination after visiting the three local Bakersfield stores on Friday. It is less than an hour away and we wanted to have the whole day Saturday to visit the other 9 stores.  To be honest, the only thing that comes to mind when someone says Maricopa is a little town that you pass through going to the coast. I've never stopped there, much less dreamed there was a Quilt Store. Well, were we suprised!!  At this point on Friday, I still wasn't in the blog mode so my sweet friend Linda drove back on Sunday and took all of these except the one of the owner and quilt.     
This is what you see coming into town.

It really looks like one of those western towns you see on TV.
This is the front of the quilt store

They had a really cute window display, but couldn't get a picture because of the glare.
The owner of the store was Vicki. She and her staff were so sweet and friendly. Here she is with her store's Quilt.

Wish I would have taken more of the inside of the store. She has over 3000 bolts of beautiful fabrics.
I was looking for black and whites for a purse and thought I would pick up one at different stores, but her variety was so nice, I ended up buying them all there.

This is what I made.  It is the larger version that is in my pattern for the Girlie Girl Bags that I have shown here so often. This one has pockects inside and out and is for the big girlies.

Anyway.....back to the town of Maricopa. Linda got some great shots of some of the history there.
It is located in the middle of oil country. Oil is one of Kern Counties biggest commodities.
This is a wooden oil pump Linda found interesting.
Look at the old gas pumps in the lower right hand corner.

Maricopa Museum

This church is right across the street from the Quilt Store.
Linda thought this was featured in a movie at one time.

Linda and I both thought...there is some history in this little town that is probably very interesting.
Maybe it would be worth the trip to come back and find out.  Of course we would have to visit Maricopa Quilt Company too.
 I can assure you, I won't pass through Maricopa on my way to the coast in July without timing it so I can visit Vicki and her quilt store.


Farmchick said...

Nice trip! I love the black/white purse. I also love the picture of that church.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It looks like you had a great time. I've always thought one of these hops would be fun. I love all of your photos.

Jane said...

Sounds like a great trip!
I can't believe you showed us a picture of the fabrics and then a picture of your finished project using the fabrics!! Wish I worked that fast!!
The purse turned out very cute.

Sewn With Grace said...

What fun you had! Just love the bag, hope the pattern is available soon! I love looking at pictures of churches, such neat architecture. Have a good day!