Monday, May 3, 2010

On the Road Again - Part IV - Treasures

"The greatest treasures are those invisable to the eye but found by the heart." Author Unknown

The real treasure found on this road trip, I have had for a long time, and that is the friendship of the five (6 counting "missing in action", Cindi) women who came along on this trip.  That would be Gail, Sally, Linda, Ruth and Sandi.  They are truly friends of the heart and for more years than I can count, we have shared both happy and sad times, being there for each other, and always ready for shopping, eating, laughing and most importantly, praying.

But before I get too teary eyed, let's see what I found on my road trip.  I don't spend much these days.  It has to be a bargain and something I really want to get me to open my wallet.
I'm not much of a jewelry lover, but the first purchase was this bracelet made from spoon handles.

and this necklace made from a typewriter key.
The two silver chains and the hammered heart, I got for a "steal" at the Ventura swap.

Two blue and white plates for 1.00
8 silverplate iced tea spoons and 2 demi tasse spoons (great for baby feeding)

All the linens I buy usually end up as something else. This towel will be an envelope pillow with big vintage buttons.

Remember I told you, Gail and I found our version of a Grain Sack.
So what if the "grain" is good ol' American popcorn seed.

I couldn't wait to get home and make this tablerunner for Gail. She will be doing a tablescape like only Gail can do with this

Found 15 yds(yes, I said 15) of this pearl trim on a pretty braid. Gotta think big here.....lampshades, pillows, purses....can you think of anything else?

Only paid 8.00 for this blue and yellow vintage tablecloth. It is a little faded (but I like that), and has no holes, so I will probably keep this for a tablecloth. I have a whole drawer full of vintage tablecloths and none blue and yellow,  so color and price got me on this one.

Thought these hankies at 3 for 2.00 would be good napkins for tea parties with my 7 granddaughters.

I have talked about making childrens clothing out of vintage linens here before.  I have a collection of doilies, tablerunners, and pillowcases. The next "finds" will be added to that collection. I look for embroidery and trim that is in good shape. I can work around stains and holes.

I can't wait to soak all my vintage linens in Biz, wash them and iron them with " Best Press" (If you haven't used this, you must.) And yes, I love to iron linens.  Crisp and clean.

I didn't buy this at a Vintage sale, antique store, fabric store or Flea Market.
Nope, got these at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each

Gail saw a blog that showed something like these made into totes. They had just sewn around three sides and put handles on the top.   I can't find it now, but I made mine with a bottom, different handles and pockets inside and out. It took 3 place mats and Strapping....that's all folks.
Watch for a "how to"  on making your own tote like this coming soon. Sew Easy.

Okay, I saved the best for last. And it was my last Vintage find of the trip.
My $4.00 treasure.

Using some of my collection of embroidered treasures, I am going to make this as a jacket. I saw one years ago and fell in "love"  The current pattern books just don't have anything similar and I have been looking since I saw the jacket. Needless to say, I was doing the "happy dance" when I found this at the Ventura Swap on the last row before going to the van. (As tired as this body was by then, I probably imagined the "happy dance") but do you get how excited I was?


Next little 2 yr. old granddaughter, Brooke's birthday dress(tu-tu) and purse (puss). Nothing funny going on here. That is Brooke talk.


Suzanne said...

What fun! Great finds. I need you to make something out of the two pink and black fan pieces for the store. We're doing pink and black french themed baby bedding and that vintage style and colors would be perfect hanging over the crib. Your posts made me feel like I was riding along. Fun trip.

Georgia said...

Hello, Beverly!
I arrived on your blog from a Google alert and am so glad to be here! I love vintage anything and you picked up some terrific finds. Sounds like you had a fun trip!!
I invite you to come for a visit at my website and blog: and
I will be back to see you again!!
Grandma G's

Janean said...

beverly, you little sweet, bargain-finding cutie! you got some fab finds. thanks for sharing with's like shopping without *doling out the dough!* that bracelet makes my heart pitter-patter because of it being spoons!

Jane said...

Hi Beverly,
You really found some great stuff! I am really into old linens and embroidered pieces right now so I love what you bought.
I love the jewelry too. I have some old silverware that I wanted to make into bracelets, I just haven't had the time to attempt that project yet.
Looking forward to the tutorial on the tote bag!

Sally said...

What a great post, Beverly. I enjoyed so much reading about all of your treasures from our trip. I especially love the ice tea spoons. Those are hard to find in such good condition and so many of them. Your granddaughters will "love" their hankies as napkins. What a sweet idea. So, so glad you found that pattern!! You deserved it!! Thank you for your kind thoughts on friendship. You are a very, very special friend and I count it an honor and blessing to call you my dear friend. I thank God for the friendship we all share and the love expressed by all. We are blessed!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh My Goodness! You found so many treasures! Now, that is a successful shopping experience.
Thank you for your sweet comment about my family. I am so blessed with wonderful women in my life! Speaking of, I also have four girls in my life that are those lifetime, prayer warrior friends.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

More great finds! I have some hankies like this that were my grandmother's. I'm looking forward to your tutorial.