Saturday, June 5, 2010

Museum of the American Quilter's Society


This is taken from a postcard. I love the way you can see a quilt featured in each window. Of course we were there during the day and you can't see inside.
It is a non profit museum dedicated to honoring today's quilter.  Open year round it is America's largest quilt museum featuring bi-monthly changing exhibitions of quilts.
I took that info from the back of the postcard.
You can go here to visit their website.

Because we were not allowed to take pictures, I am going to show you a few postcards of quilts we saw. We were also not allowed to touch.  Do you know how hard it is to look at a quilt and not touch....but I do understand the reason. Even though there were many contempory quilts, I only bought cards of  the traditional ones that were my favs.

I loved the piecing of the stars and the appliqued border.

 "Spice of Life"
I especially loved the colors in this one and the bias strips that made up the flower stems.
This was probably my favorite one.

 "Mother's Day"
 I loved the playful children's silouettes and all the aplique was so intricate.
(Sorry, just realized this is sideways)

"Flowers of the Crown"
This one is unbelievable. It is so realistic and was a favorite because I got to go to tour Churchill Downs last year.  These quilts were all hand quilted, but there was a lot of beautiful machine quilting too.

This one is made from wood.  It was in a separate room.
We were told there was a wood quilt in the conference room....
we walked in and I insisted there was not a wood quilt is this room. I got as close as I could and still argued it was not wood.  Don't tell anyone, but I touched it and yes, it is carved from wood. It is hanging from a swagged rope and had folds, texture and looks hand quilted. Don't tell anyone, but we got a picture of this one.  I'm not a rule breaker normally, but.....
The picture does not represent how authentic it looks.

Here we are as we were leaving.
Me, my cousin' s daughter Amber, my 90 yr. old aunt and my cousin Judy.
Amber wants to quilt and we headed back to Hancocks to get her started. My Aunt (her grandma) has quilted and sewn all her life. Judy...well she would rather golf, but was so sweet to take us on this special trip.
It was all her idea and she planned it all.  Thank you my sweet cousin.

After stopping at "Patti's 1890's Settlement" for dinner (I'll tell you about that tomorrow night),
we got back to my Aunt's house late and after the 4 hr. trip home, we all were pretty tired.
We took it easy today. We sat on the porch tonight and Judy said, "9:00 on a Saturday night and we are sitting in rockers on the front porch watching cows....only in Kentucky"


Gail at Victorian at Heart said...

I knew you would love the museum. It is so amazing the quilt designs that have lasted through the decades. You will want to start on a quilt soon. It gives me the bug and you know I'm no seamstress but I could get into rocking on the porch and watching cows or the screen on my laptop. Oh well, enjoy Kentucky.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a wonderful idea....full to the brim of inspiration...

Warm hugs,

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Beverly! This looks like a wonderful place to visit. When I see quilts like this it is hard for me to call myself a quilter at all. This is a whole different side of the quilting brain that either I didn't get or don't know how to tap into but I can certainly admire them from someone else's hands. Have a great Sunday!

Farmchick said...

Love those quilts and I swear....sitting on the porch, in rockers, and watching cows is THE BEST!!!

Linda said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I am such a new quilter and can't even imagine making something as beautiful as those ones you pictured. Thanks for sharing!

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh I am so glad you broke the rules and took a pic of that quilt! Sometimes we just have to, ya know? Great pictures and I cannot even imagine the talent shown in that museum.. and I would be rocking on the porch too girlfriend!
Great trip and thanks for sharing!