Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Last week was a blur of travel, fun and grandkids.  I left off my last post with getting ready to head to Avila beach with my youngest son, his six kids and 3 more of the grandkids. My mission for the summer has been to have as much fun with my grandkids as I can and then fall face first into bed and get up and do it all over again.
It was windy and cold, but sunny. I love the beach no matter what (have I told you how much I love the beach?) The kids don't care either,  so we did all the things you do when you go to the beach.
There was swimming (the big kids) wading (the little kids) and watching (the really big kids)
Getting buried in the sand

Building sand castles (or just digging in the sand)


Soaking up some sun

That's me off to the left wiggling my toes in the sand...really.

It finally got too windy and cold for everyone (except me), and we left the beach  and stopped by Avila barn for ice cream (yes, all those freezing kids and adults wanted ice cream). We bought fresh vegetables and fruit for dinner, visited all the animals and headed back to Santa Maria to our campsite.

Thanks to Mr. SS for the beach pictures. I just wanted to sit and enjoy.
We did the camping thing that night including a story telling time around the campfire and  of course, roasting marshmallows.
The next morning we were off to stop at the outlet mall for back to school clothes and shoes.
We ate dinner in the parking lot and headed home'
Another night of falling face first into bed.

It was ONLY Tuesday.
Wednesday and Friday I watched the six grandkids for 12 hrs. as nurse mommy had to work a couple of days ( she usually works nights).
Have you figured out why I have been missing in blogland for a week. But as I have said many times before. I love every minute of time I have with my grandkids.
It is amazing how good my bed feels at the end of the day.

This week, I am in Long Beach with my husband and son who are working here.  Yesterday, I relaxed, read, sewed and cooked.  Today I spent the day with my friend who has Aunt Fanny's Emporium that I showed you here.

Tomorrow I'm sewing all day!!
Will show off what I worked on and a recipe on Thursday or Friday. We are here for the whole week in our RV.


Suzanne said...

I was wondering where you were. Seems you were face down in your bed or cot or RV. ha I definitely know how that feels. Have fun in LB.

Annelies said...

ahhh.....lovely. I always smile to know we do the same things, just sadly at different times!!! We are off to Apple Farm this weekend, will have ice cream at the barn and I will smile knowing that SOMEDAY we will be there at the same time!!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm sure you're enjoying yourself in Long Beach too. I love, love, love all the gifts I received from your giveaway! Thank you so much! They arrived the week of my birthday too, how's that for timing?:-)

Farmchick said...

Looks like everyone had so much fun. The beach looks great!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun, what a great goal, the grands will have lots of memories of grama doing so much with them. I applaud you!
Hugs, Cindy S

Gail at Victorian at Heart said...

I have missed you too but I knew you were having fun with grandkids and friends. This summer has been a busy but fun time. I look forward to seeing what you have been sewing.

Linda said...

What a wonderful time...one day I hope to have grand kids to have fun with, but until then I hang out with my sons and my nieces and great niece!