Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Favorite Fruit??

I had to take my "baby" (Bernina)to Strawberry Patches for a little repair work.  I feel like one hand is missing without her.
But I was quickly cheered up when a favorite customer Marie, showed up carrying a box of these beauties.  I always enjoyed Marie when I worked there and she would come in to chat and shop. She is the sweetest....and often brings in treats like these.
Suzanne says I shamed her into giving me these, but she would have shared anyway.  That's just the way she is.
I plopped these babies into a collander in my prep sink, and washed them.
One was already split and I just had to grab the salt shaker and eat it leaning over the sink.

That's my favorite way to eat a home grown tomatoe. It has to be room temperature too. The flavor just oozes out.  Yummmy!!
Thanks, Marie and Suzanne.
The question....is a tomato  a vegetable or a fruit? Is it spelled with an "e" at the end? Is it pronounced tomatoe or tomahtoe?
All considered, eaten this way, it is a favorite of mine.


Suzanne said...

I've read two blogs this morning about tomatoes and three about butter. Just thought you would want to know.


You're right about Marie. We all love her and her bountiful garden. You're right about sharing the tomatoes too. What was I to do? You drooling all over the counter like that. I couldn't deprive a friend of her favorite dinner now could I.

And as for tomato/tomatoe It's tomato unless it's two or more then it's tomatoes. Just ask Al Gore. And yes, they are a fruit.

xoxo Betty Crocker

Farmchick said...

I think officially they are a fruit, but some consider them a veggie. They are best fresh and at room temperature. I love them. The yellow and pink varieties are wonderful.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Lol, our family "debates" this all the time, along with watermelon :-) I love eating them the same way, and we've got an abundance right now! I posted today about the sweet giveaway gifts you sent me. Thanks again!

Linda said...

Room temperature is the only way to eat a tomato...and keep them that way too. I have lots growing this year but the yellow ones aret the sweetest!

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Beverly! That is my favorite way to eat a tomato too! We are both a bit lost without our machines. I have cut out a whole quilt while I'm awaiting it's safe return. How about you?