Monday, September 13, 2010

Back on Track

As you have noticed if you have checked in here the last few weeks, I have had a little "blog block" going on.  Last week was especially hard as we went to the service for my friend Suzanne' son. It was one of the most touching beautiful memoials I've ever been too.  What an amazing family.  I always knew that, but under the circumstances, I admire them all so.

That was on Friday.  To start that week off, Mr. SS woke up to heart attack symptoms on Tuesday morning.  He's okay and it wasn't a heart attack, but we didn't know what it was until a visit to the ER and a 3 day hospital stay.  He's had Atrial Fibrilation for 3 years and really needed his meds adjusted and was put back on a blood thinner.  None of his army of doctors could figure out why he had been taken off it. 
All is okay on that front now and we are thanking God for the warning so we could get back on track.

On to a lighter subject.
Remember, I went to Long Beach a few weeks ago to help my friend get her shop ready for a Fall Open House. I'm really not much of a Halloween fan, but I did get into the "spirit" as we were transforming her shop with all of the scary decor.

If I were to have a Halloween party, I would want this as my table center piece.

There were some quilted tableclothes, tablerunners and placemats that looked like this

Lots of scary stuff and some really cute stuff

I thought the cutest of the cute were the spider headbands

and the spider rings and braclets (necklaces too, but didn't get a picture of those)

The afternoon was spent demonstrating the painting techniques that MariEllen and I learned a few months ago at  a two day workshop.  The paints are Caromal Colours. We were way too busy to get any pictures, but I hope to do a tutorial soon.  It is a process of distressing furniture, that is easier than anything I have ever tried, and the results look so professional.
Dang...wish I had pictures of the demo.

If you are still with me, I have saved the best for last.
Since I have been blogging, I have met many wonderful, creative, caring and sweet women.
One of those, I have really developed a friendship with and she and her husband drove up from Desert Hot Springs to see me in Long Beach. 
This is my friend Barbara
Go check out her blog by clicking on her name.  She is just the sweetest lady and how sweet is her hubby Carl to bring her up to see me.
I think we could have talked for hours and never run out of things to say, but alas, I had to get to work and I'm sure Carl didn't want to sit around for "hours".  We will get together again soon.


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi sweet Beverly, first of all, it was a honor to meet you a few weeks ago. You and I have both had tragic events happen since, sweet Suzanne's son passing, and my beautiful daughter in love's daddy passing from massive heart attack. Both of us have attended extremely sad funeral services honoring these fine men, both taken way too soon:(

I have missed your blog but I haven't had my heart into blogging the last couple of weeks. I'll get back on track soon. And yes, we will get together soon. We literally 'blew' through your city yesterday but we had to get home. But we will soon with it cooling off, I will have the dear husband bring me up..he has a friend in Tehachapi he can go visit, lol. You are so sweet to even be able to take time to visit with me..Love ya girlfriend:(

Ok so Mr. SS had some problems, so glad and thankful he is ok. What the heck is going on lately..Ok so he is ok and lets keep it going on the right track here.

Chat later and lots of hugs, we both need them right now..

♥ Barb

Dogmom Diva said...

Beverly, may I add that I so enjoyed my visit with you and I am so hooked on doing that painting are so talented with your beautiful seamstress skills, and now painting..atta girl..


Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Hi Beverly. I'm sorry to hear so much has been going on with you. I am so sad for your friend who lost her son. I'll put that family on my prayer list.

It's good that you had the trip to help your friend. Don't you love accessorizing a shop? I wnjoy it so much. You can get away with so much that you can't at home. It's good to play sometimes. I bet your friend was glad to have you.

Janean said...

beverly, i understand. life takes priority as it should.

sweet photos.

glad mr ss is fine.

Farmchick said...

Glad to see you back. But as Janean said, life takes priority. I love the Halloween accessories in these photos.

Sewn With Grace said...

How very fun to meet a fellow blogger! I'm with you, I'm not much of a halloween decor person. The spider headbands kinda freak me out! :) But I bet it was fun to decorate the shop!

Annesphamily said...

Life can be so difficult and we have to do what we have to do. I think everyone over here understands each other so well. I am sorry for your difficult times and the loss of your friends son. I will keep Mr. SS in my prayers. I am always wondering about aging why we can't do life in reverse! Oh well...Life is tough some days. The Halloween decor was fun to see. I am not as big a fan of putting up holiday decorations as I was when the kids were small but I won Pumpkin head over at Tam's blog A Primitive Place so I did put a small display up with her! I have a room full of wreaths my friend Alyn picked up for pennies at a Boy Scout Yard Sale so I guess this winter I have my work cut out for me!