Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Luvs & Huggs and Rosie

Today, I finally found some sewing time and finished those cute little wipey/diaper holders that I showed you the fabrics for last week.  I made 4 of the boy version and 4 of the girl version. They are for a lady who wanted to have them on hand for gifts for new Moms.

Here's the boy version:

And for the girls:

These cute little pouches hold a pack of wipeys and a couple of diapers. Just perfect for throwing in your purse instead of a big diaper bag.
I think they would make a great gift for Grandmas too.
I think I told you before, but here goes again. You can get the pattern and oh so many cute fabrics from Strawberry Patches
Visit her blog too. You will be glad you did.

Oh! On the subject of diapers, just had to share a tidbit with you, even if it is probably more information than you needed to know.
My 11 yr. old granddaughter, Drew did her Science project this week. We all remember helping our kids with theirs.  Don't tell my boys, but I was so thankful when all three were finally past that stage.
But being a girl, with 5 younger siblings, she picked something she and Mom could relate to.
It was called Diaper Duty and just in case you needed to know. She tested 3 brands and Pampers won
It held...drum roll please... 52 oz. of liquid.
Can you believe that?  That is amazing.
Okay, enough of the diaper trivia.

There is a new member of my family to introduce you to.
I first saw one of these on my friend Patty's blog. She got it at Home Good's. I think hers is bigger than mine.
It is a jewerly holder, but I can get Mr. SS to cut the hooks off and I will use it to display little outfits so I can take better pictures.
Even though I have been abstaining from Home Goods since we moved, I decided to stop at one on the way home from Southern California last week and  she just had to come home with me.
Have to tell you she was only $19.99. Just couldn't pass this girl up.
I'm making baby Emmy a dress for her upcoming (sob) 1st birthday.
I will be able to show it to you on Rosie first.
(Note to self...Get to Strawberry Patches this week for that cute Strawberry fabric Emmy's Mommy spotted today and fell in love with.)

I'm linking up with Cindy at My Romantic Home  for Show and Tell.  Please click on her name to visit some of the other bloggers for show and tell.

God is Good!
Life is Good!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Those are darling, Beverly...and I ♥ Rosie!

Patty@sewingseeds said...

Rosie and Bella are twins...I think they're exactly the same size and she is the perfect size for little girls clothes!

Sally said...

Your creations are just darling. So, so cute. I love the patterns on them. Yes, you really got a steal on Rosie. She is cute naked, so think how cute she will be with your pretty creations on her. So glad you are back into your sewing. You are "sew" talented!

My Vintage Studio said...

The fabrics for these are so cute.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Hugs, Sharon

Suzanne said...

You have inspired me to dig out my half finished diaper holders and FINISH THEM!! Sheez...Now I'm thinking I need a Rosie for the cute clothes you make for the store. Those mannequins I buy are around a hundred dollars each so Rosie would be a bargain. Why not bring her with you when you come for fabric so I can see if she'd work?

Farmchick said...

That is actually a great science project and I cannot believe Pampers held that much liquid!

Stacey said...

Beverly you are a busy lady. :) The sewing projects are so neat. I'm impressed that your friend wanted to have gifts on hand...if only I could be that organized and forward thinking.

Way to go to your grand-daughter on that Science project. I'll have to remember that one when my students do them.

Nancy B said...

So that was Rosie I saw today at Strawberry Patches! It was fun to see you, too.

Janean said...

God is good all the time indeed!

yikes, that's a lot of...uh...well...liquid. LOL!

beverly, you have such an *eye* for fabric