Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Book is Like a Garden Carried in the Pocket. ~Chinese Proverb

I don't think I have ever mentioned here how much I love to read. It started when I was very young, but the first memory I have of my passion for reading was one summer probably before 3rd. grade. My sister and I would stand impatiently waiting for the Bookmobile. (If you remember those, you might be old like me)
It came once a week and we had a contest to see who could read the most books that summer.
I read every second I wasn't playing or doing chores, because we didn't have much TV to watch.( In fact, I don't think we even had a TV yet.)
I tried to read at the dinner table, during car rides, no matter how short and would sneak a flashlight to read under the covers at night. That wasn't easy, because if you remember, we lived in a small trailer. I craved reading.
Nothing has changed...I still love to read. Guess that is why Mr. SS knew a Kindle would be the perfect Christmas gift for me last year.The first book I ordered was this one.

So I read the daily scriptures every morning first.

I am an early riser and get up before Mr.SS does by about an hour. I make coffee and his lunch, then reward myself with what is left of the hour to read.

I love all kinds of books.
Fiction (okay, yes, romantic fiction above all, Debbie Macomber among others)
Mystery  (Mary Higgins Clark, who writes a new one once a year)
Inspirational (Most recently, Marcia from Blessed Mom's Simple Home recommended Andy Andrews)
So I just finished this book and loved it so much, I want to read more of his.

My most recent purchase on Kindle is this one

I am really enjoying this. I have read her blogThe Pioneer Woman Cooks for some time. I love her hearty recipes. I knew by her sense of humor and the way she talks about her life, that her book would have to be good and I haven't been disappointed.
I want to get her cookbook too, someday.
(not on Kindle, though)

I still like to read "real" (meaning not on Kindle) books and still have a box full of must reads that have been given to me by friends that are also passionate about their reading.
Mr. SS says I should order everything I read on Kindle, but being cheap conservative, like I am, I alternate between the two.

I also love magazines, and until a couple of years ago, read all of the decorating, cooking, quilting, sewing, and gardening ones I could get my hands on.
Due to my cheap conservative nature, (or because several I liked no longer exist) I
now limit it to just two or three of my favorites.
One of my favorites is this one.

I spent much of Sunday afternoon after the birthday party drooling on all the recipes, table decorations and party ideas it was filled with. One comes out for each Season. The pictures are beautiful and there are very few ads. If you see one, pick it up and treat yourself. You will be glad you did.

I can't leave out one of my favorites on my list of must reads.  That would be, reading all your blogs.
I spend time, mostly before bedtime, trying to catch up with the lives of all the wonderful ladies I have met through their blogs, many of whom I am privileged to call friend.
Thanks to all of you for the hours of enjoyment and enrichment, I have received from reading your blogs.

Now, go read a good book, magazine or blog!

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Annelies said...

I have never heard or seen that magazine, but will certainly go on the hunt. Have you ever seen "Life:Beautiful". I have gotten it at Barnes and Noble...check it out, very lovely.

Dodie said...

Reading is my passion since I was around 4 yrs old. My mother was school teacher before marriage, back then she couldn't teach if she were married. Very bad idea and glad it changed. Back to reading, she taught me to read at a very early age and I have been reading ever since, I am 82. I have that Bible you posted and another that is Through the Bible in 90 Days as we did that as a whole church project. In fact I did that twice.
I guess if you like to read like I do and you enjoy your Kindle I may think about it. Right now I just can't believe reading would be enjoyable unless I had a book in my hand. HA
I have the Pioneer Woman's Book and also her cookbook. Love to read your blog.

Farmchick said...

I have the Pioneer Woman's cookbook and have been thinking about ordering her new book for my Kindle. I do love my Kindle. Somehow it seems so much easier to read than a regular book.

My Vintage Studio said...
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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I was just browsing the Phyliss Hoffman magazine yesterday but didn't buy it...perhaps now I will!

Donna said...

I've really enjoyed finding your blog, I've been wanting to read the Pioneer Woman's book, a friend told me about her blog.

blessedmom's simple home said...

I'm so glad you were able to read it. There was a bit of history tucked in there that I didn't learn in school :-)
My son Randy just got a Kindle and he's loving it too. He's also an avid reader.