Friday, April 1, 2011

Uh-Oh!! I Did it Again and An Unexpected Gift.

Hello, my name is Beverly and I enter (and win) giveaways.
Okay I couldn't resist entering one more. When  I saw all the sweet little pink goodies, I entered. About a
month ago, Spencer  @ Bellamere Cottage offered this:
Now, I ask you, who wouldn't want to get a chance to give these beauties a home.
I had just won the CSN gift certificate and swore off entering any more. After all, I have won five or is it six, now.
What can I say...I'm weak when it comes to pink. (Might have something to do with having 7 granddaughters)
It was a beautiful day today and I couldn't resist taking them outside to photograph.
There is a little story about why I haven't posted about this before. (Besides the embarassment of winning again.) Spencer got these off to me a few days after the win and confirmed by email it should arrive around the 11th of March. Well it never showed up and eventually she and I both traced it through our P.O.
It was delivered on March 14th., but to the wrong house. Can you believe the people just held on to it and it took the carrier leaving a note to get them to leave it out for him. It was delivered to me this week unopened...Whew!
Well worth the wait though.
Thank you so much, Spencer. I love each and every single gift. You are the sweetest.
Please visit Spencer here. She is a talented and lovely lady and has the sweetest heart.

While I am at it, I want to thank another of my bloggy friends for the sweet gift she sent me.
Sharon @ My Vintage Studio sent me these this week.
It is one of the beautiful tags she makes and sells on etsy.
Another tag is wrapped in the cutest little ribbons. (I'm seeing hairbows ) and the sweetest little note.
Click on the picture for more detail.
Please go visit her here . She also puts up great vintage images that you can copy for free. I have used some of her holiday ones. Even though she works in a different medium than I do with her images on paper and cards, I love seeing  the buttons, lace, ribbons and other findings that are all the things I love.

Oh, and I just gave you one little peek of what is becoming my Secret Garden.
In the next week or so, I will do a few posts with some before and afters and the cutest little munchkin helpers you ever saw.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Farmchick said...

You are one lucky chick!!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Wow Beverly, you are the luckiest gal I know, for many reasons besides winning giveaways! So neat!
I can't wait to see your secret garden and your helpers!

hugs and love,

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Congratulations Beverly! Spencer's items are so cute. What a win.

Hugs, Sue

Suzanne said...

I can't believe how lucky you are! Love Spencer's little heart. So cute! Can't wait to see your garden too.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Congrats to you on winning such lovely gifts. Doesn't make sense that the neighbors wouldn't at least try to find the correct recipient of the box ... or give it back right away if they knew it wasn't intended for them. Glad it finally did make its way to you. Enjoy! And have a great weekend. Tammy

Susy said...

Enjoy... You deserve it (:

Stacey said...

Now that is a sweet gift. You deserve to win. :)

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

Love them!!!!! You deserve them! Congrats.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...well haven't you been the "lucky" girl...Bravo♥

blessedmom's simple home said...

Wow, what wonderful wins Beverly. I've won a couple over the past week or two, and I can't wait to get them.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for my nephew Jordan. He's improving daily and we're all so encouraged.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhhh... Beverly! I'm so happy you finally got the darn thing and you were pleased... It was my pleasure to pass on a little pressie to you.


spencer shopping said...

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