Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walmart and Me and Beyond

We found out on Saturday that Mr. SS would be working down south again next week. I found a campground in Chino which is located near where he will be.  Rather than get up at 3:00am Monday, we decided to leave about 9:00 Sunday night and would look for a rest stop near his job to spend the night.
About midnight, as we neared our destination we realized we would have to pull over somewhere.

It is kind of a joke among RV'ers that if all else fails you can always pull into a Walmart parking lot. Haven't you ever noticed all the RV's usually out by the Garden Center?  Driving down Imperial Highway, we spotted ...yes a Walmart. Why not? There were several rigs there, we would just quietly pull over and sleep.  We found the spot farthest away we could, and slept. The Campground was still a ways away and I don't drive the motor home, so it was decided I would stay there and Mr. SS would go to work and at 2:30 when he got off, we would go on to the campground.

Looking out my window I could see this:
Here I am parked in the far back corner.
If you know me, I always have to have a little green and flowers around me.
Yep outside my window.
We talked later and we both felt a little guilty about staying here.
What's a girl to do all day?  I can't sew unless I turn on the generator. (No, don't want to bring attention to the fact I am "living" in a Walmart parking lot.)
Well, this girl went shopping. Not once, but twice. Two baskets full.
Do you think I was feeling maybe what I bought kinda "Paid the rent"?  No way! I'm just a girl who likes to shop. It really was a nice Walmart...as Walmart's go.

Mr. SS arrived right on time from work and we arrived shortly here.
We set up, had dinner and took a walk.
Sure glad I took my camera.
Right across from our spot, we watched the sun go down.
The next morning when I opened the curtains, this is what I see all around me. Lot of green grass and trees.
Not too many campers until the weekend, so, it is so quiet and peaceful.
It was warm enough at 8:00am to sit and do my devotions (reading my Bible in a year)

Lots of green and trees, but no flowers.
But not to worry...I will be surrounded by flowers all day as I cut out dresses for 7 granddaughters.
(actually 6, as one is done already, but I folded it to put with the other "flowers" for the picture.)

Life really is Sew Sweet and we have so much to be thankful for.
Whether it is a Walmart parking lot, or a beautiful campground, God takes care of us.

I am reminded more and  more often that
God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Linda said...

Wow! You were not too far from me! I know just where that park is! The fabric for the dresses are wonderful and yes we are blessed aren't we!I thought when I got laid off over a year ago that things would be so horrible, but luckily we had time to prepare and I am loving being home!

Anonymous said...

I know that Walmart...it's the one I go to during my lunch hour. Did you venture over to the Michaels at the opposite end of the parking lot or the Lifeway Bookstore just next to the Arby's? What a small world...thanks for the perspective check yet again. God is so good!

Dogmom Diva said...

Beverly, you are closer to me now..how long will be you be down south?? I want to come visit..if I don't make it over there this time, maybe next time then..oh and yes I am not an RVer but we all know that Walmart is a great place to camp! And glad you got some shopping done too! Did that Walmart have fabric??

hugs and love,


blessedmom's simple home said...

Where are you Beverly? My husband has been looking for a place to take the twins to camp overnight, and all the mountain campgrounds are still closed. He doesn't really want to camp in the desert, as we get enough of that all of the time. He'd love the green there :-) Whats the name of the campground?
Sounds like you're having fun :-) Are you coming back up through Victorville, or do you go through the grapevine?

Susy said...

Sweet Beverly, you're not only blessed - but you're a blessing. Love this post. I think you can add "Life is an Adventure" (:

Sewn With Grace said...

I love this post! You are on an adventure, one that many people would not be brave enough to do. God is so good and I love all the blessings he gives you along this journey!