Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heat, Ants, Scrabble and of Course...

a little sewing.
I sewed a few more rows on this quilt that I cut out last summer. It's one where the direction and pressing of the seams was confusing me. I finally did two rows yesterday and figured it out. It's for my grandson Cade who will be 7 next week. Won't have it ready for this birthday, but next year...
After all you can't rush a twin size quilt like this:
I thought that while I had this set up, you could see how I manage to sew in our home away from home.
There was no table in our motor home, so we bought a folding table that works fine. It's made from wood and both sides fold down. We eat on our laps, because the table is always filled with this:
The first week we were in Riverside, I found this "Cut and Press" at Walmart. It has been the best $20.00 I've spent this summer. I cut on one side and iron on the other. There is no room for  an ironing board, so I do what clothes ironing I need to on it too.  I used to use a beach towel on the kitchen counter.

This week, despite the heat, I managed to make two small Roman Shades out of this fabric for a client.
They don't photograph well flat, so when we install them next weekend, I'll try to remember to get a picture.
I did 3 shades for the same lady's kitchen several weeks ago and bar stool pads. If  it's okay with her, I will get pictures of those too.

Today, I plan on starting to cover this lampshade.  I've never done one this way before, so if it is turning out the way I want it to, I will try to make a tutorial out of it.

The shade came off this table lamp that I am in the process of painting back at my home in Bakersfield.
It is going in our little blue and white trailer that we are remodeling.
I have had this lamp since the mid 90's and it always fits just perfectly somewhere. It's great for doing handwork under and the glass table gives me a place for my coffee cup, book or sewing supplies.
With the old shade (which I love the shape of) and the brass color (which I thought I had to have in the 90's),it is rather dated. But I think by painting it white and the new shade "do" it will be just perfect for my trailer.

I don't like to complain, but just to vent a little, it has been so  hot and humid.  We live in a metal box, and even with the air on all the time, it just doesn't get really cool.
This week on our weekly trip to Walmart, we decided to get a Scrabble game.  We discovered that there is a really nice Rec Room at the RV park where we are staying is always air conditioned.
So, every evening after dinner, Mr. SS and I go down there and play Scrabble. It is so cool there, I almost get cold. Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it feels sooooo good.
After only a few nights of playing, we both are starting to use a few five letter words.  Wooo-Hooo!!  I'm still 2 games up, but don't tell Mr. SS I told you.
Also, don't tell him, I have Scrabble on my Kindle. Thanks, cousin Judy. I am hooked on "practicing" .

We decided to save on gas and stay in Grand Terrace this weekend, not going home. Two weeks without seeing my babies.  I can hardly stand it, but Mr..SS has been working on the little blue and white trailer every weekend for a month and hasn't had a day off.
His boss here asked him to play golf in Hemet today, so he's getting to do that and hopefully resting tomorrow.

Now, I have to go clean up my tiny kitchen. We woke up to ants all over everything this morning. I sprayed the heck out of them, and need to clean up the dead bodies.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Annelies said...

You make me smile the biggest smile when I read your blog. You are the most optomistic person I know ( besides my sweet Mom). I love your heart...and will love it even MORE if you do that tuturial. I am in the process ( slowly) of redoing things in our bedroom, and I have two lamps that could use your HELP!!!! Ick to the ants. I keep dreading that they will find their way back to our house too. So good. Hang in there dear friend. XXX

Suzanne said...

I agree with Annelies. When most people would look at their surroundings and make excuses to do nothing but complain you make do and create! I know you've done tons of lampshades but that one will be different. You need one of those bias tape makers from Clover for that one, don't you think? Can wait for the tutorial. = )
Enjoy a restful weekend.

Barb said...

Beverly, I second and third the comments..that is what I love about you, your giving heart and positive attitude! Well a couple of things, you are indeed a gem and I am so glad to call you my sweet friend!..Glad you are spending time in the rec room..any hope of being able to sew in there??? Such a nice space and the pool area is great too..
hugs and love xo

blessedmom's simple home said...

What a wonderful post Beverly. I look forward to seeing your lamp when it's done :)

Patty said...

Can I ditto the comments. I have learned so much about contentment from you my dear friend. I trust that I could manage if circumstances called for us to downsize and do with less. I do look forward to your posts, too. What a coincidence...I was in Hemet today visiting my parents and it was HOT. Where did Mr. SS golf today? My husband golfs out there quite a bit.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Us Sewers and Crafters always seem to be able to make do with what we have to work with. I am in awe that you are able to make such gorgeous things in your compact work area. And Cade's quilt is stunning. I love the colors. Another family heirloom piece in the making!!! You are amazing.

I am bursting at the seams, we will be getting not just one but maybe four Hobby Lobby's in the Sacramento area in the next serveral months. Can you believe it. My Mom read it in the paper and called me at work to tell me. I told her that I also read it that morning. The first two people I thought of was my Mom and you!!! Love it!!!

I can relate to the heat. Our AC went out last Tuesday (a 7 yr old unit..grrrr)and I have not been able to set foot in my workroom. For whatever reason it is the hottest room in the house and now without the AC it is basically an oven. We are having someone come out tomorrow. Thank goodness the hottest it will be in the next 10 days in 90 degress.
Hugs, Sue

P.S. Scrabble is my favorite :)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Bev,
Wow, just look at all the pieces...the pattern is lovely!!!! I can see why it will take some time to complete it. It's going to be amazing for sure because you are creating a family heirloom.
You and I both posted sewing this week...LOL
I received the sweetest note from Ellen, I was so delighted it was just the kindest and most thoughtful note.
I will look forward to seeing your quilt. I really do love sewing the quilt tops.This week my King size quilt should be back for being "quilted"...I can't wait to see it...
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth