Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Guess What?"

"We get to go to Strawberry Patches tomorrow." That is what I heard from 3 of my granddaughters before I even stepped out of the truck Friday night as we arrived home from another week in Riverside.
I had asked Mama Olivia if they could go with me to pick out fabric for their "First day back at school outfit." and she had told them about it.
So, Saturday morning we were at Strawberry Patches just as they opened.

Drew looked around for just a few minutes and zoned in on what she wanted right away.
She looked around and was thinking about a black and white or a turquoise and brown, but decided on the gray, pink and orange because she had never had anything gray. I love that she isn't afraid to try something new.  The picture above is a better, the color didn't come out true in the one below.
Lexi's biggest decision was whether she wanted a dress or skirt.
After considering blues and purples, she decided on a dress made from these pinks and browns.
Now Cami had a little harder time. She had already decided on a skirt and I told her it needed 3 fabrics.
Her first choice was red and aqua. Then we looked at red and pink roses. Then maybe blue...or...
But she too, went back to her first choice and we all agreed.

While Suzanne was checking us out, Cami asked if she could take some pictures and I told her sure.
These are what she thought cute enough to take pictures of.

We finally made it out the door with bag of fabric, patterns and smiles.
Don't you just love these doors.
I just absolutely love that my granddaughters share my love for this shop that has been so much a part of my life for over 25 years.
As we were driving home, they let me know that they are pretty fond of Suzanne, my friend and owner of this wonderful shop, too.

Visit Strawberry Patches and Suzanne's Blog .  You will fall in love too.

I forgot, I haven't shown you the models I made last week for that wonderful shop.
Next's late and this girl needs her beauty sleep.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


luvtoquilt said...

I agree with your granddaughters -- SP is one of my very favorite places to visit -- whether it's in person or via Blogland -- and Suzanne is amazing! I'm always inspired -- one way or another!

T's Daily Treasures said...

First off, it is wonderful that Suzanne has had this wonderful, thriving business for so long. Secondly, it's fabulous that you get to share your love of sewing with your sweet granddaughters. Ya'll are really good at putting patterns and colors together. Their outfits are gonna be so cute. Have a great new week. Tammy

DogmomDiva said...

Beverly, what a fun day of fabric shopping and designing with the much more blessed could you be?? Love their fabric choices, too, can't wait to see the finished projects!

hugs and love

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
I love this quilt shop "Strawberry Patches". I must go there some day...I love the look on the girls faces, so sweet. What a great day you all had. That's right school is right around the corner, and you make the girls a new outfit every year. I remember the ones from last year.
This coming weekend I'm going fabric shopping for a quilt to sew for my Dad and Mom.
I can't wait to see the girls outfits...
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Linda said...

Hi I have just dropped by and now I am a follower. If you get a chance drop by for a visit.

Suzanne said...

Aww, Beverly, that is so sweet! I was so glad I was there when you all came in. The girls are so adorable and Cami is a little character and quite the photographer too! You are such a huge part of this store. I couldn't imagine Strawberry Patches without you! xox Suzanne

Linda said...

That's wonderful that you can sew for your Grand daughter's...I remember my Grandma sewing clothes and doll's dress for us when we were small! Cami took some great photos!!

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

What a sweet post! I love the pictures your granddaughter took! She did a fab job. The fabrics are awesome and I can't wait to see what you make with them. What a sweet grandma they have!

Nancy B said...

Wow! Cami is quite a photographer...great pictures. I love the choices your grands made for their outfits. Thanks so much for the link you sent me regarding the lampshade fabric. I so admire your talent.
Best wishes,

Stacey said...

I bet your grand daughters just love spending that time with you Beverly. Looks like a fun shop. The fabric choices are fun!

Carolyn said...

Ahhhhh....what lucky little granddaughters you have to sew their school dresses!! :D I so remember those days when my own mother made my dresses and then making my own daughter's dresses for school....first day especially being important!! :D Looking forward to my two granddaughters getting older and having those school day experiences! :) is late....this ol gal needs to go to bed too! :D

deb said...

what a darling shop..............I love that owl quilts, they have it at stars too........I cant wait to meet you thursday!!!!!!

southerninspiration said...

How cute!! They will be the best dressed girls at school!! You are so sweet to sew for them!!!
I know they love it...and I love her photo skills! What a cute shop to visit!! I wanna go!! :D