Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Little Design Diva

The last Friday of the month at my granddaughter Kobi's school is Mustang day and they encourage everyone to dress western. Last year for her birthday we gave her red cowgirl boots (another fun trip to Boot Barn) This year she wanted a skirt to wear with them. She also had just received a pair of the cutest little Cheetah flats with a red bow from her other grandma.
She asked if she could have a skirt that would go with both and her Mom and I just kinda shrugged, meaning probably not.
We planned to meet at Strawberry Patches a couple of weeks ago to pick out fabric.
They got there a little before I did and she picked a pattern to show me what she wanted and then showed me the western themed fabrics she liked. Then...she wanted to see if they had cheetah fabric, and of course as is the case when you shop at the wonderful Strawberry Patches, there were a couple to choose from.
Kobi even gave her Mom and I a little lesson on animal prints..."no, that is giraffe, that is tiger, that is...", etc.
You know, when we got the fabrics all together, I really thought it might work. Her Mom was more skeptical,
but here she is in her "designed" skirt and her red cowboy boots.
 Here's the skirt before I took it to her today.
 She wanted a bow to match, so I found this cute pattern for pinwheel bows here and decided to make those. I had tons of fabric left and made a bunch for bows of the smaller size and some larger ones for pins.
Kobi's Mom works at the school and said she could sell them as the teachers are always looking for something western to wear on Fridays.
Here's Kobi  with her Cheetah flats with the red bow. But you can barely see the shoes.
 Here's the pinwheel bow. They really did turn out cute. Some with regular buttons and some with covered buttons.
This girl knows what she likes and she loved the skirt. Even though tomorrow isn't the last Friday, I'm sure she plans to wear her new creation.
Kobi has been a shoe girl since she could walk. If you took your shoes off, you could be sure she would be trying them on.  She is very particular about what shoes she wears with what outfit.

What will I do when all these girls get too old to want me to make their clothes.  Maybe by then it will be time to think about sewing for the "greats" or maybe I will just be too old to care...NOT.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Suzanne said...

Kobi's skirt is adorable! I love all the prints she selected. Adding the cheetah makes it current and hip. Tell Kobi she can work here when she gets a little older. I love her confidence and style. Great team you two!

Annelies said...

Just proves that talent runs in the family!!! Adorable ( as always) and how lucky are we to have these sweet ladies to sew for!!! XXX

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Love it.


T's Daily Treasures said...

A girl who knows what she wants is a great thing. Cute skirt and those pinwheel bows are adorable. Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy

DogmomDiva said...

Beverly,darn I had a comment and lost it..bah..anyway, that skirt is divine and she looks really cute all gussied up! She has very good taste putting things together, and yes love the shoes too! I can't imagine you will ever not care about sewing for those kids!
hugs and love

Linda said...

That turned out really cute! I love the red boots and the shoes are cute too! I love a girl that knows what she wants! By the way those bows are darling!!