Thursday, September 1, 2011

On the Road Again and Back Again/Dead Printer/Pictures of This and That

Oh my!  It has been a crazy week. We found out Tuesday after sitting with no work for 4 days in Riverside, that  there was going to be no more work for a while.
Darn...we had both cars there, so Tues. night we drove both cars back to Bakersfield and got up Thursday and drove back down to Riverside to drive the Motorhome back. About 11 hrs. of driving in that crazy So. Ca. traffic.
So now we are back in Bakersfield, for awhile anyway, and I couldn't be happier to be close to the grandkids again and get to lay my head down and know where I will wake up. printer died. I was still using it for transferring pictures to the computer, but today I needed to print some stuff, so had to replace it with another one we had around here. You can't just plug it in and go. You have to "install" it.
I spent a good part of the afternoon doing that and trying to find where and how my pictures load now, so I can still use them when blogging (important, you know)

While I was looking around for pictures I downloaded from the new printer, I ran across some I realized had never made it to my blog. Pictures of sewing projects I had promised to post, but just somehow hadn't.

Here is a little corduroy coat I did for a model for Strawberry Patches.

It was fully lined.
and I got to use one of these cute labels that just happened to match.
This darling little clutch went together really easy, and I love the touch of bling on the closure.
Early this summer I started the first of 3 projects for a really nice lady named Julie.
The first project was shades for her kitchen and this one is over her desk in a corner of her kitchen.
These are over her sink.
The brads were her idea and I love how they anchor the shades.
I showed you these barstool pads, whenI made them, but they look so much cuter on the stool.
She wanted shades for the windows over the front door, for privacy.

More recently (last week) I did this Minkee blanket with a yummy satin ruffe.

And last, I finally made a purse that has been in my head since last summer. It was so fun and I hope to be selling these soon. I have to work out some kinks first.

Whoops, one more. But you have seen these. I made six more of these and took some to Strawberry Patches

Hoping to get back to my machine tomorrow, if I can dig it out from all the stuff we cleaned out of the Motorhome. It seems I just kept taking things down there and not bring anything home.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


DogmomDiva said...

Oh Beverly, look at your wonderful the coat and those bags, I still need to buy that pattern from you..and love the ruffle one, too. I'll zip you an email..

I am glad you are home I know how much you were missing your family..I am thankful that we got together a couple of times while you were here down south, it's a blessing to know both you and Mr. SS..

Enjoy your weekend and sending hugs and love to you,

Suzanne said...

You have blessed so many with your sewing talent. The drapes are beautiful (I'll never know how you do those) and the chair pads add the finishing touch to her home. The pink satin Minkee blanket is adorable and I know will be baby girls favorite snugly. Two of those little purses were purchased by twin girls grandparents - they were thrilled to find them! Your models bless my store and inspire and encourage my customers to try new things. I know your blog posts of projects inspire so many readers too. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all.

Linda said...

Great projects...that little coat is adorable and I love the new bag...funny how some things just pop in your head and you have to make them! That one will be popular I think!!

luvtoquilt said...

You sew so beautifully! Love the ruffly bag -- cute, cute! I made the little purses for my granddaughters and they just love them. I'm always inspired by your samples at SP -- keep 'em coming!

deb said...

LOVE that little coat...I see one in Stellas future!!!!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Hi Beverly. Boy do I have some catching up to do. Love your ruffly bag and the colors. That is what I have been doing these last few weeks besides working the day job. I have some ideas rattling around in my head for some new bag designs but for now I am just stikcing with my tried and true easy peasy pattern and letting the fabric do the talking :)
Hugs, Sue

My Vintage Studio said...

Hello dear friend!
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon