Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little Costume Fun and Another Birthday Dinner

Sweet Granddaughter Drew Ann was born on Halloween 12 years ago. 
After her requested dinner of Tri-tip, and birthday cake (I'll share the recipe tomorrow), the 6 kids got ready to go to their Church Carnival by putting on their costumes.
Drew chose one of her Mom's prom dresses and heels and went as a Homecoming Queen complete with Tiera.

While the little ones got their costumes on (no small task for Mom Olivia to get 5 more dressed), Drew opened her gifts.
(Sorry for the dark pictures. Someday maybe I'll have a grown-up camera.)

Lexi went as a West High Cheerleader (the HS where Daddy Brandon teaches and coaches)
Camy dressed up as a dancer with a Black Tulle twirly skirt and new ballet shoes.
Jack is the town sheriff complete with badge and new Cap Guns (I didn't know they still made Cap Guns)and of course his hat and boots.
Brooke is a sweet little princess (of course, she is three).
Emmy Lou is a Hershey's Kiss (Oh....I made this for Drew when she was 2. Where does time go?)
The hat only stayed on long enough for a picture because I bribed her by popping M&M's in her mouth.
(If you see this, that face her Dad's or what)
Here they are all ready  to go!!
Emmy is none too happy with this costume thing...especially the hat.
Before they go, one of Drew's requests was to dance with her Daddy for her birthday. They danced to a Taylor Swift song. (What else?)
Then they all joined in on the dance, and off they went  for some fun at their church.

Leaving me sitting with camera in hand and tears in my eyes...I ask it any wonder. I am so blessed!!

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!

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patches said...

I loved this post Beverly! Drew looks so grown up in her mommies dress and that photo of her with Brandon just make me cry. Emmy in her pink kiss costume is just too precious. Oh my, how that takes me back! You are blessed indeed!