Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warning!! Another Grandma Brag Post

Yesterday, I took some time out to sit in the sun and watch the grandkids playing and Mr. SS and my son building a fence for the horse coral.

Last week when they moved our RV small cottage back to make room for the horse coral, two trees had to be trimmed.

This was one of them.

From this pile of limbs,

The grandkids figured out how to lean them together  to make a tee pee.

Their Mom gave them some sheets,

and they spread them on the ground and all six, including the baby, drew pictures.
Although from the look of Emmy's brown mouth, most of her drawing was on herself.

They even made a tribe flag.
Today they cut off all the little limbs so there is actually more room inside.
Part of the fence and gate that Mr. SS and son built. You can't see it, but in the far left corner was the Secret Garden I made last spring.
Mr. SS, knowing me like he does, made sure to move all that he could down to the back of our RV small cottage. He will move my white fences too, so I can have my little garden again in the spring.

I had a totally different post planned for tonight, but couldn't resist this one.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Lemon Lane Cottage said...

How sweet they all look and you certainly are blessed to have them all so close at hand. My studio is becoming a monster project. I know you know how much stuff can accumulate in your craft space since it has not been long since you moved yours. I promise I will have some pictures this week. Patty

Suzanne said...

How fun for the kids! I have such fond memories of playing for hours at my grandma's in refrigerator boxes. The best toys are those using little more than your imagination.

blessedmom's simple home said...

This was fun and it brought back memories for me. My older boys did this when they were young because we cut down a tree and had a huge pile of limbs. We had forts in our backyard for weeks!

Nancy B said...

What fun! I especially like their artwork. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I meant to tell you, the picture of one of the horses you posted the other day looks just like the one in War Horse. Same color and the white marking on the front of his face. We had just seen the movie and I was stunned at how much they look alike. Small world.

Susy said...

Love that the kids all play together, that mom is willing to sacrifice sheets for an adventure, and that you're able to sit in the sun and enjoy it all. xo

Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

So sweet that they all worked together.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your 'home' is almost across from the super fancy chicken coup/wedding archway thingy. Yes, I believe that is the technical name for it. And it also looks like the horses are walking in the lap of luxury on pretty green grass in the back 1/8 th of the yard. Is that right? So that tree that's in front of your 'home' is the one that used to stand alone in the middle of the back yard? Wow! If that's what you did, you moved forward quite a bit. Be careful, if you move any farther forward, you'll have to put your 'home' on pontoons so it can float in the pool! love you! Hope you love your new location. The kids all look so always.

Dogmom Diva said...

Beverly, I love when you post about the grands, my kids used to use sheets for tents, too, although I don't recall letting them use markers, lol. Your DIL is a gem!

Beautiful family..hugs xo


Renee said...

That looks like such a fun afternoon for the kids.

Don't you just love grands.