Friday, February 24, 2012

What To Do??

Three o'clock in the afternoon and it's close to 80 degrees outside. I should be washing windows, working in my garden or at the very least sewing, but I have spring fever and decide to sit outside
with my Kindle.
I had only read a page when I heard giggles and these three were climbing onto the trampoline and chasing each other round and round.
They were running and bouncing so fast, I could hardly snap a picture.
Love those giggles.
Then big brother, Jack started pushing Brooke on the swing.
And Brooke pushed Jack.
Then baby sister Emmy pushed Brooke.
None of them seemed to notice me with the camera, sitting in front of my door,
until I saw this sweet face looking at me  as I was looking through my camera lens.
"Hey, you lookin' at me?"

Well, no window washing, gardening, sewing or Kindle reading for me on this beautiful afternoon, but a little dose of grandkid giggles is the best way to spend an afternoon of sunshine.
Once again, I am reminded that I am sew blessed.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!

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Annelies said...

Clean windows are highly overrated (G)!!! I say time spent watching Grandbabies wins hands down!!!