Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little of This and That

Oh my! I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted.  I'm sitting here trying to remember what has kept me too busy to post in the last couple of weeks.
Oh yeah...I know.  PINTEREST is part of the problem. I just can't seem to stay off it. I've been pinning some really cute stuff and will share some of it one of these days, but if you want to take a look, just click on my Pinterest button on my sidebar.
I kept reading on blogs how addicting it is and girl, let me tell is. But so much fun.
Yesterday was our baby girl, Emmy's birthday. Two years old, but if you ask her, she'll say five.
We aren't celebrating until Sunday after church, but thought I would show you her birthday dress I made this week.
Her Mommy loves Strawberries and I found this fabric in my stash, so thought I would use it. I would have rather bought some new Pam Kitty Morning Strawberry fabric, but sometimes it feels good to use something you have.
I used a pattern I have made before that is a little top with a flower applique. My girls love dresses, so I lenghthened it, and added a ruffle to make it a dress.

I machine appliqued a Strawberry

and then made some little white yo-yo's for the flowers.
I couched them to look like strawberry blossoms and added the little yellow buttons to make them look like the ones on the fabric
By the way, the green polka dot leaf is PKM fabric, so I was able to sneak a little in. Ha!

I can't wait for Sunday. Her 4 year old sister saw it and has already requested one just like it for her birthday, coming in April. Don't tell her, but it is already cut out.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is a good (no, make that a great) thing.
A few weeks ago, I started a Beth Moore bible study. I have wanted to do one of her studies for some time and since we are home right now, decided to commit to doing it.
My really good friend Gail at Victorian at Heart is leading it, so I get to see her and some of my other friends there on Wednesday nights too.
This is what we are studying.

I have studied the book of James before, but never in this way. It has been an eye opener to some things in my own life I need to work on and has enriched and increased my prayer life immensely.

I already have a couple more posts in minds, so don't give up on me and check back for progress on my Dresden Plate quilt made from my treasured Pam Kitty Morning fabric that my friend shared with me.

As always I am so thankful that

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!



Creations By Cindy said...

Beautiful dress! I haven't taught that one yet of Beth's. Have taught a lot of her studies and loved them. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
Oh my stars..the most adorable wee-ones dress! I just love it to pieces. It was my birthday yesterday too, how about that..Happy Birthday to sweet Emmy, March 7 is a good day!
I always enjoy your post and you know I love seeing your sewing projects.
Big hugs, Elizabeth

Annelies said...

Yip Yip...I have that pattern and I want to make it a dress too!!! As always you are SEW inspiring. I too am making progress on my Dresdens and now I need your did you get that Pinterest button on your blog. I need iti NOW (G)!!!!

luvtoquilt said...

Love the little dress -- adorable!I am in a ladies Bible study group, and over the years we have done a couple of Beth Moore studies -- they were amazing. I'll be interested to know how you like this one. We're about due for another one.

Susy said...

The dress is adorable and brimming with special touches of Grammalove. Your sewing always takes me back to my childhood and the clothes my mother made for me.

So glad you're back on my side bar ~ sure don't know how you disappeared!?

I want to hear more about your bible study ~ wishing I was there (:

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi my sweet friend, yes I am still around..I have been very behind on my emails and blogging, forget it..I hope I get the feeling back because I used to love blogging, now it seems like a job..but maybe its just me for now..anyway love love love what you did with the flower girl top..I made Gracie a top for Valentines and bought some ruffled diaper covers to go with it..really cute..great idea to lengthen the pattern..easy peasy..anyway, glad you are doing bible study, I wouldnt even know how to find one out here but will work on I am working on lots of things about me..
hugs and love,

Nancy B said...

Another darling the strawberry applique. I've heard a lot about Beth Moore Bible studies, but have not attended one. I need to look into that. By the way, Dennis' new cabinet at SP is gorgeous! Have fun at the b-day party.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Beverly.
Thank you for visiting my blog this weekend.
Your dresses are always so beautiful!
Wishing you a wonderful week dear friend!
XO Sharon

Phyllis@Around the House said...

That dress is simply adorable...the strawberries them...I know what you mean Pinterest is such a feast for the all your wonderful sew beautiful pins...

vicmaz said...

Our bible study class just finished this. It WAS great !