Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Festivites and On the Road Again

With 13 kids, running around, I didn't do anything too fancy on our tables. I was just excited to use my recently found vintage linens. They are just so springy  and fresh for an outdoor Easter meal. I decided to keep with that fresh vintage look and use mason jars for vases with fresh cut flowers. (From the market, not my garden.)  I am admittedly not a flower arranger and just cut the stems and set them in the jars and added a bow. Very casual.
This is the little kids table.
We had 24 total for the celebration, so I had 3 large tables.
One of the vintage embroidered runners (no china, just plastic, but I used damask tableclothes and napkins.
My cute little Bunny Fold napkins were a two hour failure. I think the damask is slippery. I just couldn't get them to stay together and standing for long.
But you can see here, all pastels and tied with a bow.
The little kids table.
The big girls table...silly, silly!
After our meal there was  horseshoe games, baseball and basketball competitions, horseback riding
and just good old fashioned girl talk for all ages.
Later on, the little kids go inside while the big kids and the guys hide eggs.
Then the natives are let loose...mostly running by me so fast, I couldn't get pictues.

They looked in bushes, trees, under rocks and some (the babies) found them just laying on the grass.
It is so sweet to hear the older ones run by one on the grass and, that's for the little ones.  They remember when they could pick up the ones one the grass.
Then it is time to take inventory and see if you have enough to just stop and eat.
Or look to see if your cousin has more than you.
Or stop and look again for some  jelly beans.
 Meanwhile some of my big kids watch...remembering when they were the hunters instead of the hiders.

Its all a lot of work for this old Mamaw, but well worth it as once more, my whole family was together
making memories.
My DIL asked me I had fun...tears came to my eyes, as they are was the next best thing to heaven.

Now...on the road again.
We got a call late Friday that Mr.SS had work in La Jolla, Ca. near San Diego. Monday was spent packing and traveling.  Once again we spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. The next day, while Mr. SS worked, I spent the day looking for a place to stay.  One we could afford and not too farr from the job.

We ended up at Santee Lakes Campground.  It is really nice with lots of trees. Not as much green grass as in Riverside, but there are 7 lakes and lots of activities going on. It must be Spring break here because I can hear childrens voices all day. A very welcome sound, because I already miss mine.

I brought lots of sewing, but today I spent get settled in, and actually sat outside, reading my book.
It rained this morning, but was beautiful this afternoon.

As always, in the midst of our crazy life...

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Annelies said...

Gonna call you excited to know we will finally meet!!! Hugs and more hugs. XXX

Nancy B said...

Oh, your Easter pictures are wonderful! A lot of work, but what fun. Glad to hear you are in a pretty part of the state. Will you be away long? How great that you get to meet Annelies. Have fun!

luvtoquilt said...

Your Easter sounds delightful! Ours was very quiet -- just Doug and I -- but a lovely day all the same. You're in my prayers as you embark on yet another adventure! How nice that you will meet Annelies.

Creations By Cindy said...

What fun pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Suzanne said...

Your littles are getting BIG! I hope you are having a great time down south, but hope you get to come home soon! Give me a few days notice so I can get more models ready for your return trip. = )

Linda said...

Great pictures from your Easter celebration...we only had one wee one to hide eggs for...I remember the days when there were much fun! Enjoy your time down in San should be a pretty week!