Friday, April 20, 2012

Homeward Bound

In a few minutes, we leave our home away from home at Santee Lakes for the long trip home to Bakersfied. It's been two weeks and I'm missing my kids and grandkids more than I can say.

It's going to be double fun this weekend because my cousin, her daughter and my BIL from Sacramento are coming for the weekend.

We have ball games all day Saturday and a birthday party for 4 yrs. old Brooke on Sunday.

It will be a crazy fun weekend and I can't wait.

Thought I would post pictures of what I have been working on while in Santee.
Sorry for the poor pictures, but Rosie didn't come with me to model.

This is the  matching dress to the one I did for Emmy last month.
A model for Strawberry Patch.
Another model...They will look so much better when  Suzanne does her display magic at the store

I made 8 of these. They have little pockets. I thought they would be cute as favors for a cupcake birthday party. I only have the flowers to put on the others. 
They aren't very big, but could hold some little treasures. I got this pattern last summer when another blogger, Linda and her sister took me to a quilt store in Corona.
The sweet stripe is one that I bought last Saturday in Temecula.

Of course I am still working on my Dresden Plate quilt. Almost have all the circles appliqued.
Next week I will start putting the lattice and cornersquares on and will have my quilt top...finally.
I think Annelies is ready to quilt pressure, though. LOL 
Mr. SS will be home from work any minute and we must boogie to beat the traffic.
(Please don't picture me boogie'n...not a pretty picture)LOL
Oh, I must say one more thing.
Google changed format again.  I'm  just not good at change.  Just get it down one way and they go and change it. I can't seem to find how to edit a post, so if I find a mistake after I hit publish, we will just have to live with it.
God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Suzanne said...

Everything turned out cute Beverly. You've been busy!Enjoy your kids and you brief thing with your family.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Cute, cute, cute. Love the fabric and the summer dresses. Have a safe trip home. I switched to the new format last week and am just now starting to feel at home. It will seem normal soon enough. Patty

Annelies said...

adorable as always...and NOT even close to quilting my quilt (G)!!! I have borders to do, and spending my quilting time babysitting the little ones. NO complaints...but we still remain neck to neck!!!!

Linda said...

Those dresses are adorable!!I remember when you bought the pattern for the cute all have been busy!! Have a safe trip home and a great weekend!!

Lady Jane said...

Very pretty!!! Safe Trip... I made a similar pattern for myself and my granddaughter. She loved it. I hope to make another for this summer once gd's art studio is done.

Annelies said...

Me again...saying HI and wondering if you are back in SDiego. Jim and I have a chance to leave for a few days, so we will be back on the weekend. Just didnt' want you to pop into QIAD ( after I invited you to do so ) and find me not there. Hugs,