Sunday, June 10, 2012

Horsing Around and Other Fun Stuff

This weekend was a busy one, but on Saturday the weather was pleasantly warm.
After spending the day working on some motor home up keep and repairs, I sat down and kid watched for awhile.

The girls had spent the day at a swim meet, but came home to enjoy some chores that needed to be done.
Lexi loves bathing the horses.
She scrubs them with soap and water and then squirts them off with the hose. They seemed to enjoy it as much as she did.
This is Paris getting her bath,
and getting brushed.
Belle isn't about to be left out and gets her bath too.

A little loving time with Cami and Belle is one happy horse
Lexi goes for a ride. I laughingly told Mr. SS that only Lexi could ride bareback in her competition swimsuit, gym shorts and cowgirl boots and still look stylish.
Belle is (how shall I says this) OLD and more gentle to ride.
Drew rides Paris, but outfitted in t-shirt, jeans, cowgirl boots and hat.
Paris is a retired racehorse and loves to go fast. Drew does a great job keeping her in line.

I know I have explained this before, but our motorhome is (how shall I say this?)OLD...and needing some repairs and updating.. We only live in it when we are on an out of town job. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to replace the valances to the three windows in the bedroom. I had taken down the ones that were in there when we got it because they were so dusty, and as I took them off the rods, they tore into pieces.
The motor home has tan and brown walls, ceilings, and carpet, so I had to work with that.  These fabrics are some I had bought to use in my bedroom in our house, but...well just never got it done.
The valance is just a simple one, shirred on a 2 1/2 " rod. I upholstered the side cornices, using batting and the existing forms.
The valance looks like bark cloth with a little tropical feel and some animal prints. Not me at all, but I like it in here.
The side cornices are covered in a pretty linen look fabric with french writing.
There isn't much to see of the head board, but I covered it in new batting and the tropical print, then piped it with the tan with the french writing.
I have two lampshades to cover in the tan and enough of the print to make a couple of throw pillows. The bedspread is Tan, of course, so I really think the new fabrics spruced up the place.

On to Sunday. Cade, our 7 year old All Star had a tournament today.
They played 3 games and won them all and took home the championship medal.
Here he is going up for his first time at bat.
He was so tired, but so happy at the end of the day, as you can see here.
Looks pretty good for a boy who was out there playing from 10:00am until 7:00pm.
I didn't fare so well and am totally exhausted, but wouldn't have missed it for anything.
He has another tournament in July, so I'll rest up for that one.

Had to throw this picture in too. It was his first tournament.
He is the spitting image of his Daddy. Watching him play brings back so many memories.
Where does time go???

I have been working on some more fun sewing projects and will be showing you those soon. More models for Strawberry Patches and some other fun things too.

Hope all of you had a great weekend and enjoyed it as much as I did mine.
I would love to know what you did.

In the mean time, I have two little snuggle bugs in the other room who will be up early wanting breakfast, so think I'd better try to get some rest too.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I have enjoyed your pictures today. What fun memories. Love the curtains too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

luvtoquilt said...

I, too, enjoyed your pictures -- those kids just make me smile. Doug teaches an adult Sunday School class and we had everyone over for a brunch yesterday -- 20 people - yikes! We cheated, though, and just made a main dish -- egg souffle -- and had everyone bring a salad or coffee cake. We had it on our patio, and, thankfully, the weather was absolutely beautiful. We just made it before the hot weather set in today. I don't know why I stress out so much about entertaining -- everyone had such a good time and it doesn't matter one bit if I've done a thorough cleaning or not -- life is too short!

Susy said...

Whew! That really WAS a busy weekend. Great job on the motor home re-do.

I was worn out from my week too, and didn't even go to church. Yikes! Thursday night was my last class at the leadership college where I teach half a semester. Friday night I hosted 50 people at our business LifeGroup. They were having such a good time they didn't want to leave. Saturday I coordinated a luncheon for a visiting pastor. No horses or grandkids ~ but my kind of fun (:

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
You busy girl...I love the new curtains for the motor home and the head board. Its nice to have two homes to decorate. The kids sure do keep busy, its wonderful! Keeping them busy is a good thing for the summer.
We have our grand kids for a few days this week, they are swimming everyday and we going to the book store to buy some summer reads for them tonight after I get home from work. Its so nice to have Gary retired he has the time during the day to spend with the kids. I hope to retire soon also.
While in Kauai I visited two quilt shops and shall we say I bought the store out LOL..I hope to start sewing again after things settle down.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth