Friday, June 22, 2012

A Short Trip

We've been in Las Vegas for a few days. Mr. SS is taking an 8 day class. We took off last Monday afternoon and won't be home until next Tuesday night.
It was kind of a last minute thing, and after the 108 degree temperature we had last Sunday, I was glad to hop in the air conditioned car and was prepared to spend 8 days in an air conditioned room.

After a sweltering day on Sunday of working on our motorhome and getting it ready to go back into storage, and packing for the trip, we were sitting outside at dusk trying to cool off. ( The metal box  RV  cottage we live in just doesn't get cool at 108.)  We don't usually see great sunsets but when I looked up and saw the sky, I had to run and get my camera.
Of course by the time I got back to snap it, it was almost gone.
Story of my life.
 Monday before we left, I called and asked Brooke to come down. I finally gave her the Ladybug apron I made for her. She was so tickled and it sure looks cuter on her than on Rosie the manequin
As we were driving through Tehachapi on our way to Vegas, I was looking at the wind farms and tried to snap a couple of pictures. There are thousands of these between Tehachapi, and Mojave.
Mr. SS and I both at the same time said, "Wonder if Scott (our oldest) is up repairing one of those?"
After we closed our construction business he was forced to find a new career and was blessed finally this last year with a job working for one of these many wind farms.  He has to go to the top and is trained to repair, I don't want to think about it.
I also commented that there are usually a lot of them not turning, but that day, we only saw two. Mr.SS jokingly said maybe Scott is doing his job. LOL

Okay, so...for several days, I just didn't want to pay to have the internet in the Hotel. I thought I could live a week without reading blogs, posting on my blog, reading e-mail and Pinterest. WRONG
I finally caved and signed us up.  It's amazing how hooked one (me) can get on this little screen.

Anyway, I brought my little sewing machine and have been sewing away in my air conditioned room.
I made this bag for my cousin Judy and snapped two pictures and the batteries on my camera went dead.
 I did a lot of top stitching and wanted to show you the details. I even stitiched around the polka dots on the pocket.

I'm going to have to go down to the gift shop and see if they have batteries, because I wanted to show you the patchwork on the bottom, and the pockets inside too.\

I also made a tablerunner for the 4th. I'm doing some hand quilting on it, but for the sake of time will finish by machine quilting the rest.

Also brought 3 little handwork projects...a couple of books and my kindle of course.
Mr. SS is in class 10 hrs. a day and studies at night, so other than going down for dinner, I have had plenty of me time.

Our anniversary was yesterday...44yrs. and we went to one of the restaurants here in the hotel. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the size and presentation of the food.
I told Mr.SS we would have to go back there before we leave so I can get a picture after I get batteries.  He just laughed. He knows after my 2 1/2 yrs. of blogging, that it's all about the pictures for my blog.
You all know what I mean!!

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Nancy B said...

My, you have accomplished quite a lot this week. At first, I thought the bag was a carrying case for your machine and thought how great that was. Hope you get some batteries so we can see the inside. Your little Brooke looks so cute in her lady bug apron. It's only in the 80's for a few days. Delightful! Hope it will still be nice when you return. I showed my June and July little quilts at B-club. I'm working on a reversible
apron now that is red on one side. It will be nice to wear at Christmastime. (I didn't mean for this to be so long...guess I got carried away.)

Happy sewing!

Nancy B said...


Susy said...

Hi B ~ Brooke's apron is adorable; I bet she loved it. And your sunset pic was beautiful!

Sounds like your trip has been productive and relaxing so far (maybe not relaxing for hubby - his classes sound intense.)

Congrats on your anniversary. I was a June bride too ~ 45 yrs for us.

Wifi is free at all the little hotels and motel, I don't understand why the big ones charge for it. /~"

Tammy said...

I can tell that was a wonderful sunset. And that ladybug apron is adorable (as is the model). :) Sounds like are enjoying your time. How wonderful to stay so happily productive while your husband is taking his classes. Happy anniversary! Best wishes, Tammy

Annelies said...

Congrats on 44 years....and many happy years ahead!!! You make the most WONDERFUL things, and yes get those batteries my friend. I need to see everything you make. I am always SEW inspired!!!!

luvtoquilt said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend. Wow -- 44 years! And one of the fabulous perks of that marriage is darling Brooke -- what a cutie! Returned from our little mini-vacation and brought back yet another bag pattern -- I just can't pass those up! Don't exactly know what I'm going to do with all these bags, but I just love making them! You did your usual superb job on yours -- it looks great!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I know exactly what you mean about not being connected. Enjoy your little get away. Patty

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!! I thought all the hotels in Vegas gave free internet...bummer you had to pay...but nice being in the a/c. It's been really nice weather here this week...low 80's...great for this time of year!! Have a great evening!!

Creations By Cindy said...

WOW! 44 years! Congratulations! You have been a busy bee haven't you? Love your blog and all that you show. You are so talented! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
Happy two love birds! 44 years, that is so wonderful!
I love the bags you made, and all the top stitching just adds so much detail to the bag. I am working on a the post card quilt and should have the top done this weekend, then off to the long arm quilter for top stitching.
I hope the weather cools down for you. We had our air fixed thank goodness!
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth