Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can't Think of a Title

The other day, I was tying a bib on 2yr. old Emmy. It was a watermelon bib that I had made her almost 13 yr. old sister Drew when she was two.  It was all faded and frayed, but still served the purpose.
I asked Emmy's Mom if she still needed bibs and she asked if I could make another watermelon bib as she hated to throw that one out.  
I love making bibs. They are a quick project with instant rewards. It gives me an excuse to use the embroidery part of my machine too. This bib is a lot more modern than Drew's country green and red polka dot.  I used the cute watermelon fabric and a batik I got last year when we were in Riverside.

I even drug out my little basket of specialty buttons that I have probably had since the eighties.
I love peeking in here to try to find just the right embellishment.
I was rewarded with little black seed buttons...perfect for a watermelon bite.

The next time Emmy came up to RV cottage, I got out the bib and gave it to her. She squealed and hugged it to her heart and  said "Ohhhhhh!"  Then she ran, (picture me trying to keep up with, better not) to her house to show her Mom.
"Look what Mamaw made's a Wallowmelon."
It was so cute that we all say "Wallowmelon" now. And when she wears it, we ask her what it is, just to hear her say "Wallowmelon"

Sooooo...a few days later, Olivia came down with this cute little cow and asked if  I would embroider it for a friend of hers who just had a little girl. I have done lots of these in the past with the name and date of birth and a design to fit appropriately for a boy or girl.
I have been having such success with my machine, that I said sure and asked her to pick from the designs I had. sweet machine did the lettering perfectly, but when I started the heart, it went all wonky.
I did some ripping and adjusting and finally got the pink heart done, but the white lacy border around the heart did not go where it was supposed to and the rose at the top was way off.

At first I thought I would have to go buy another blanket, but after searching my brain and my embellishment drawer I found a little white braid to put around the heart and some ribbons to make roses and leaves out of.
I used to put these little hand rolled roses on everything and had forgotten about them.
I even like it better with a little dimension instead of the flat embroidery.

Here she is with her heart.
By the way the nursery for this sweet baby is farm animals. I love it.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Nancy B said...

Oh, Beverly, that is the sweetest thing ever! What a save. The little ribbon roses are perfect! You're so talented.

Happy Sewing!

Suzanne said...

Emmy's wallowmelon bib is adorable! So clever. I hate when machines fail to cooperate but good save. I always say a boo boo can become an embellishment opportunity and you proved that. Nice job.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The bib is adorable and the embellishment is a sweet way to personalize a gift. You did good! Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Creations By Cindy said...

Girl, you amaze me with your talent! Have a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Michelle said...

I love that watermelon bib! So cute!

Diane Mars said...

darling Bib I must get out my sewing machine and make something for the grands, I am usually sewing ruffled crepe paper LOL Hugs, Diane