Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Falling" It Up and a Turkey or Two

Today, after watching a cute little redheaded eight year old play "Fall" baseball, I came home and finished two turkey bibs. One is for Emmy of course and the other for her to take to her cousin Scarlett  when they go visit for Thanksgiving.

She saw me outside taking pictures  a few minutes ago and
said, "Is that for me?"  "You betcha, I said. 

Perfect place to take a photo was on my outside table, hanging on the pumpkin stem.
I could have put it on Emmy as she was dressed in a purple shirt, pink leggings with a duck hat on her head.
Oh, and don't forget the smudge of dirt on her cheek,
But she was off and running to tell mama.
and I needed to get a picture of the table anyway.
My flowers are looking a little wilted. We had a couple of 95 plus degree days and I forgot to water them.

My table inside isn't big enough for much so I thought I would decorate the one outside. We eat most of our meals there anyway when the weather cooperates.
I'm so glad I kept this pumpkin. It just says it all...don't you think?
I saw these on Suzanne's blog, Notes From the Patch and knew they would be perfect for my outside table.
Love the chicken wire. Kinda fitting, since we live next door to a chicken coop.

But my very favorite thing about the whole table is my pumpkin with the most wonderful stem.
I love a pumpkin with a cute stem.
I nearly screamed with delight as I dug through the big bin at the grocery store (nearly falling on my head)
trying to reach this baby.
When I finally grabbed it and "righted" myself, I looked around sheepishly, hoping no one had noticed.
NOT...two box boys were close by and they very quickly looked away...snickering, I'm sure.
I don't care, I think I got the prize, don't you?

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Michelle said...

What sweet bibs!

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

You got the prize for the best pumpkin for sure. It's all in the details, Right? The bibs are so darling. Perfect for little ones at Thanksgiving.