Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinterest Try Tuesday # 9 and Another Birthday

This weeks Pinterest Try comes with a confession of sorts.
I had a birthday a month ago...not a big deal to me. It has never bothered me that I am getting older. I love life and have had a really blessed one.
However, I realized after being overweight most of my adult life, that if I was ever going to do something about it, I had better do it now.
Now I have joined Weight Watchers many times and I usually lose 20 to 30 lbs, but always veer away from it and gain it back. I always did the program, but trying to find every way to work it to my benefit and not committing to the healthy aspects of it.
It took me a couple of weeks after my birthday to make my move, but after much thought and prayer, I decided to give it another try.
I am on my 3rd week and am feeling better than I have in a long time. I have lost weight, but the best part is just knowing how good it is for me to eat the right things.
I feel totally different about it this time and have enjoyed the search for healthy things I can eat without going off the program and not giving up the good flavors I love.
That search led me to this weeks Pinterest Try.
I have a Weight Watchers board on my Pinterest and am adding things to it as I find them. That way the recipes are right here where I am so much of my time anyway.
This is Tortilla Soup
Click on the link for the recipe.

I had everything in my pantry to make it except the Cilantro
Aren't the colors pretty
Mmmmm, I'm ready for a bowl.
 It said it was a 0 pt. recipe, but I think it was for the old method of counting.
I calculated it with the new Points Plus and it was 1 pt.
Then I added a handful of baked tortilla chips (wouldn't be tortilla soup with out them)
Weight Watchers Fat Free Colby cheese, green onions and Cilantro
So that added 3 more pts. It was so full of flavor and yummy that I felt completely satisfied.
Next time, I will add some chicken and black beans and it will be hearty enough for Mr. SS too.
Give it a try whether you are watching your weight or'll be thanking me.
That's my challenge when on WW.  Mr. SS doesn't need to lose, but is supportive of my efforts.
I still bake and cook his favorites, but he is willing to try some new things too.

Today is my baby son's birthday. Brandon turned 36 today. It was a school holiday so he got to do something he loves to do. He and Drew took the horses for a ride down the Kern River bed.
I got a chance to snap some photos while they were grooming the horses after the ride.
Drew is hosing down Belle and Brandon has Paris. I was trying to get a shot from my door, so didn't get Paris in it.
Happy Birthday to my baby boy!! (6'4" baby...ha!)

A shout out and thanks to all Vets today and also to those men and women still serving our country.
We wouldn't be the great country we are with out all of you.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Suzanne said...

Good for you Beverly. Eating for good health is so important and when we see food as fuel for our bodies it changes our relationship with food and what we're willing and not willing to eat.

The soup look delious. Bill and I practically live on soup so I'll be giving this one a try. Thank you.

Shally from hypnotherapist for weight loss said...

I prefer to have vegetable soups and salads for dinner. They provide proper nutrition and at the same time helps to lose weight.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Beverly. :)

I have done WW in the past and it really worked for me too. I have recently started to gain some weight - 5 pounds since we moved. That soup needs to be on my menu too. Love those 0 or 1 point soups!

GardenofDaisies said...

Congratulations for taking the first step towards better health. I have tried and failed many times myself and am once again plugging away at it. Your soup sure looks delicious!

Creations By Cindy said...

Ooh, this looks and sounds sooo good! Congratulations on your new journey you are on. Honestly, Weight Watchers is the best all around lifestyle change there is. It teaches one to get healthy and better. Now that I have said all that....I need to go back to weight watchers! I went years ago back in the old days......lost about 15lbs which was great for me. Over the years I loose and gain. Mercy...let me get off this page...I am plumb depressing myself! LOL! Seriously, wishing you lots of good things with this endeavor. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Mechelle Hyatt said...

Look too yummy! I wanted to tell you since my old blog (pink daisys) was hacked, I moved.. here is my new blog address.. So glad you and your family are doing well.. I have missed you!
Have a great day,