Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday Try # 10

I can't believe this is # 10 already.  This will be the last one until after Christmas. I have a cutting table full of cute skirt fabric for my girls and shopping and baking...well you know how it is.

I going to try not to be on Pinterest quite so much so I can get my stuff done.
You noticed I said "try".

Anyway...when I saw this:

I knew what I wanted to do this week. When I went through my tubs of vintage linens a few weeks ago, I found a tablecloth that I had used part of for a chair pad. The rest was very stained, but there was still some areas of usable designs. It isn't strawberries, but red flowers with a pretty green.

So, I came up with my version of the stocking on Pinterest.
I drew this pattern up when my boys were little and have used it many times since.
I had a small bit of white chenille left from the back of the pillow I showed you in my last post.
I loved the red on the cuff of the one on Pinterest,so I did some primitive stitching on the chenile where the loops were on the other side. I'm not sure I like it, but it did add some red to the cuff. The other side is more random, so like it a little better.
I added piping around the cuff and the stocking which the model on Pinterest didn't have. The piping makes it easier to turn right side out, giving you something to pull on to get the shape of the stocking turned.
I machine quilted a 2" grid and the model wasn't quilted.
Have I told you how much I love my walking with a wand to line up the grid. I just have to mark the first line of quilting each way.
The bow is made from a homespun I think I have had since the 80's. The reason I think that is that the edge had been torn and I haven't torn fabric since the 80's.

The other side has a design too. I'm kinda wishing I had made two stockings, but at least this way I can hang it either way.

I'm thinking this would make a very good tutorial. I wish I knew how to do a pdf so I could share my pattern with you.
Well, I'll give that some thought.

Remember if you post something you tried from Pinterest and tell me about it, I will link to your post.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.
We will be going to Tehachapi to our older son's house.
I have a bunch of pies to make and homemade Ranch Dressing, so the sewing studio is closed for now.

Visit Suzanne at Notes from the Patch to see what she tried from Pinterest. You will also get a great recipe for Tomato Soup (no, not your Campbells variety) a yummy variation of the perfect comfort food.
The way she served it to her guests is just the cutest thing ever.

God is Good!!
Life is good!!


Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Love that tablecloth fabric Beverly. Now I'm inspired to cut my old tablecloth up and make stockings!

I was inspired by Pinterest to serve soup to twenty guests this weekend using canning jars for soup bowls. I'd seen individual desserts served in canning jars and thought soup might work too. Everyone loved the idea. Thanks for linking to my blog, Notes from the Patch. PS: The Tomato Soup recipe is from Pioneer Woman's first cookbook with some slight modifications and it's delious.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sew sweet family!

Susy said...

Love the stocking B. shhh. I like yours better than the pinterest version (:

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving with the fam. xo

Stacey said...

That's so cute! I can't believe you've had the fabric stashed for that long. Lucky!

Nancy B said...

Suzanne guessed right! A stocking. And as always, it is just so cute! I think I have an old (really old)Christmas tablecloth around here someplace. I should try to find a use for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Susy said...

In case you're reading comments today, HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! xo