Friday, December 14, 2012

Away in a Manger

Last year right after Christmas, I bought this bitty Nativity set at a half off sale.
Since I live in a RV small cottage, everything has to be in miniature form for display as I don't have much shelf space.  I love the childlike faces and thought my my grands would like it.
It came boxed like this.

I set it out on my mantle which also holds my bitty tree.
It just looked kind of lost and  I knew I needed a Creche. I looked on line, but everything was too large, expensive and would take too long to get. I needed it NOW.
What was I thinking...looking on line when my personal, very own carpenter was in the shop working on something for my friend Suzanne for Strawberry Patches. After all...he is my personal, very own carpenter. I do loan him out once in a while (we have to eat, you know)
But this was important.
I printed off something I sorta liked and headed out to the shop. I told him I wanted a Creche and it needed to be rustic.
Now if you new Mr.SS, you would know, he doesn't do rustic willingly. He cuts meticulously, sands forever and paints or stains to a brilliant shine. Rustic...not so much.

An hour later. and I'm not kidding you, I walked out to the shop to remind him I wanted rustic and he had just finished this.
He even distressed the edges. It's stained and I probably would have said to leave it natural. But I love it. It is just what I had in mind. It is rough, distressed and yes...rustic.
Okay, my personal very own carpenter, Mr. SS,can do rustic.

I didn't have any straw, but added some Excelsior left from fall decorating.
Did I tell you...I LOVE IT!!
It is my very favorite decoration this year.

I finished the last skirt on Wednesday night.
This is my biggest girl, Madi's skirt.

We have been to kid's Christmas activities every night this week and tomorrow we go down south for a gymnastics competition for 6 yr. old Jack. 
Hope to get some pictures.

I am taking pictures with my new 4s iphone now. They are a lot clearer and lighter than with my point and shoot.
But I'm still learning. All the Nativity shots were upside down, so I struggled with that but I'm getting faster at resizing them with Pic Monkey. 

Christmas shopping is almost done. What to get an 18 year old boy??

I start baking this week and hope to do a little more Christmas sewing.
I'm feeling pretty relaxed and am going to enjoy the next week and focus on
what Christmas is really about...the birth of my Jesus.

Hope all of you are getting things wrapped up so you too can relax and enjoy the season.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Nancy B said...

Whatta guy! I think that is the perfect creche for your wee Nativity set. It really is precious.
The skirt(s) are beautiful and I love that the fabric is named Sew Sweet! Isn't that wild? You have been so busy and have accomplished so much. Way to go!! Have fun at the gymnastics tournament and enjoy your week.

Merry Christmas!

Susy said...

Oh dear, I teared up when I saw the picture of the crèche. It touched my heart that he stopped what he was doing and made that for you. It's beautiful.

He reminds me so much of my hubby. How blessed we are my friend.

Hug those grandkids tight today. xo

Michelle said...

What a sweet nativity and even more so that you hubby worked it out for you.