Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emmy and The Christmas Bib

After finishing those 7 Christmas skirts, I wanted to do something fun and fast.
So of course I decided a bib would give me instant satisfaction.
Last night I went out to the cold storeroom and rummaged through my bin of Christmas fabrics and found the perfect fabrics for a Snowman Bib for Emmy.
I took dinner down to my family tonight and decided to take Emmy's bib to her.
She loved it and said "Thank you, Mamaw for the Santa Claus bib" When I told her it wasn't Santa, but it was a snowman, she gave me the "I know Santa when I see him" look, so I didn't argue.
When it comes to dinner, you don't want her to wait too long. Is it any wonder, she gets her plate first.
Whew!! Finally dinner is served.
She is a good eater, cleaned her plate and was the first to get dessert.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Suzanne said...

Emmy's so cute in her Santa bib! What a character. Thank you to her for sharing her papa and daddy with me last night for the installation of our newest addition to the store. I asked for a pole and I got a column and it's gorgeous). You need to know your hubby was bragging on you and how well you're looking and feeling with your new healthy eatting. Keep up the great work!

Nancy B said...

Just darling. The bib AND Emmy!

My "school" girl came home today...I'm a happy mamma!

Have a wonderful time with your family.


luvtoquilt said...

Adorable -- both the bib and Emmy. How fortunate those children are to have the creative grandmother you are!

Tammy said...

That snowman ... I mean, Santa bib :) is adorable! Happy holidays to you and yours! Tammy

Annelies said...

Merry Merry my dearest friend....and I am SEW grateful that we are friends. Enjoy and we will have MUCH to chat about in the New Year. XXX

Susy said...

Just stopping in to wish you a Merry Merry Christmas. Life is good, God is good! (**