Monday, November 24, 2014

Apples and a Little Fall Decorating

Last week in preparation  for a "Farewell" Girlfriends dinner for a good friend, Linda, I did a couple of things I hadn't done for a long time.

First, after finding apples on sale for .69 cents a pound, I decided to can Apple Butter. I have not done that since way back in the day when I picked apples at an Apple Farm in Tehachapi. where we lived for years.

This is the recipe I have always used. It came with the Waring Blender I received for a wedding gift 46 years ago and you can tell from the splatters of  boiling sugary cinnamon apples that is has been used many times.
Washing apples bought in a store opposed to picking them is a little more work. See all that wax. Because I blend them with the peelings that wax has to go.
They are cored, blended and put in a pan with sugar, spices and cider...YUMM!
(If you don't have one of these apple corers, it's a must. The only waste is that little core.)
Simmer in the pan until it thickens.
Put it in jars and put in pan of water to simmer for 10 minutes.
Each batch makes 7 jars and I made a total of 21, so if you know me...guess what you might be getting for Christmas.
Oh, and there is nothing more satisfying that the ping of a lid when it seals. Mr. SS and I were having breakfast during the canning process and every few minutes I called out a number. He asked what that was about and I said I am counting as the jars seal. After 7, I can sigh and say "Job well done". Being hard of hearing he had no idea what I was talking about. Ya gotta hear that "ping"

Now, the second thing I haven't done in a while is set a table for company. Although I had family over for "picnic" type meals while in our RV tiny cottage, I had no place to set a pretty table and entertain friends.
I really missed that.

A dear friend that has been (and still will be) part of a group of my girlfriends that meet once a month for dinner and to celebrate birthday is moving to Utah this week. Even though we often go to a restaurant for these occasions, I wanted to have it in my new home. 

When we left our last house, as I have told you, I got rid of, gave away or sold almost everything, so except for a few things I was starting from scratch decorating my table.

I raided my fabric stash and found  backing and borders pieces I had purchased before I retired from Strawberry Patches...pre 2000 for a leaf quilt that never got made...imagine that. Anyway it wasn't long enough, so I pieced it...sort of like in a quilt.   
This gorgeous turkey fabric was only about 4 years old and I made a topper out of it for the center of the table.
A candy jar, cloche, a few candles, a couple of pumpkins, a fall leaf garland and the centerpiece was done.
I borrowed back some of my dishes my DIL has.
This plate I had kept because my sister made it for me the year before we lost her.
Dollar store glasses (What would I do without the Dollar Tree?)
Each of the guests got a jar of Apple butter.
You may remember my blessings quilt I made two years ago. I never really had a place to display it in the RV small cottage, but it has a perfect spot on my dining room wall. (Covering up some temporary holes, Mr. SS made while installing a pocket door to my sewing/laundry room.

I really enjoyed the process of preparing for this dinner, but most of all enjoyed the fellowship of some of my special friends. Sally, sorry you couldn't make it. You were missed.
We will all miss you Linda, and there will always be a place for you at our get togethers and in our hearts when you come back for visits.


Stacey said...

How sweet. Your table is beautiful and I know your friends loved it all. That's such a nice thing to do with friends. :)

Suzanne said...

I remember that apple butter from years ago and how good it makes the house smell while it cooks. I love seeing your excitement in canning, baking and entertaining in you new home. Your table is so pretty and the little jars make such a thoughtful gift. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

Nancy B said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Beverly! I can almost smell that apple butter from here. YUM! Some of my preparations got pushed back a bit today, as Don fell at the Dr's office today and fractured his elbow. I think I will just get up at 6 am to fill the deviled eggs I'm to bring to our feast. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

Have a blessed time with your family tomorrow.