Friday, October 23, 2009

Earlier this month I made a trip to Kentucky to visit an aunt and cousin. I had read about old barns with quilts painted on them near the area I was visiting. (also in Tennesse and Ohio)
On the way from the airport to an area near Lexington, I spotted this one. You would not believe what my cousin went through backing up on the freeway so I could get this shot. Because of the fall color, it is my favorite. There is a one hundred and forty mile trail in Owen County, KY with over 150 barns with painted quilts on them. Some are far away from the road and hard to spot, but someday when I learn how to display more than one photo, I'll give you a few more.


French Kissed said...

So happy to meet you, Beverly. Thnaks for stopping by to say hello. And, welcome to the blogging world. You are off to a gret start. I never knew about these wonderful barns with the quilt motifs painted on them. The photograph is lovely and I would like to see more. You are right about the fall color adding to the oveall ambiance. Looking forward to future visits here. Best to you!


Stacey said...

Hi Beverly! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I see that your blog is new - welcome to blogland! It's such an addiction.

Have you ever visited Cobblestone Farms blog?
She has a barn with a quilt painted on it and it's so pretty. Her blog is just gorgeous.

Polly said...

Oh Beverly, this sounds like a road trip is in order for that 150 mile strip of quilt painted barns! You plan it, I'll hire the bus! When do we leave??

Welcome to blogland!

Agnes said...

I loved that picture of the barn with quilt. We went through Kentucky a few years ago and I did see or even know about those or I would have sought them out. Wish I had seen them, but will certainly enjoy your pictures. Like your site and the dress is beautiful.. :)

Agnes said...

oooops didn't see is what I meant to say. LOL