Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fluff and Fold

Finished one more Christmas project this morning and just took them out of the dryer to fluff, fold and wrap.  Yes, I know, it's a little (no a lot) last minute. But if you knew me you would know that is my MO.  If I finished everything early, I would just dream up another project.

These are for my youngest sons 5 kids. He just remodeled the bathroom the kids all use. It is really nice and he hung a rack with 6 hooks for the kids towels. Yes, I know there are only 5 towels, but number six baby isn't quite here yet.  I will have to make her a hoody towel to match. My DIL saw the post a few days ago with the valance in the animal print and she wants the same thing, so quess I will do the valance to match after Christmas....not before, I'm not totally crazy.

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Sally said...

Those towels are to die for! Your grandchildren must be so thankful to be the recipients of so many yummy projects. You are just the best! Take a picture of the valance when it's finished -- I'd love to see it! Have a Merry Christmas . . .