Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pinch me!!

Sometimes lately I feel like maybe I am dreaming.  You see, I raised 3 boys in a very athletic centered home. My husband was a professional baseball player and all three sons played multiple sports through college.  I sewed, and crafted to bring some balance into my life. With a friend, I did craft faires and home shows....well that's a story for another time.  I couldn't even imagine having girls to sew for, much less 6 granddaughters and another on the way.

Two of my granddaughters have birthdays this week and the one turning 8 has an American Girl doll and showed me a picture of a dress she wanted.  I'm thinking....I don't think I have time....need to be working on my house and some other sewing projects I have taken on. But wait a minute, of course I can. Isn't it my dream to have girls to sew for. So if I make a dress for one's doll, I will of course make one for the other as they celebrate on the same day....tomorrow.  I have sewn clothes for them often, but just did my first doll dress for my 10 year olds American Girl doll in October. Now in Febuary, I'll have another to do. Can't wait.
Here's what I came up with.

They are made of eyelet fabric with little daisey trim on the skirt and bolero. One ribbon is pink and white check and the other is a sheer red with white polka dots. Wanna know the best part....I did it with mostly things I had on hand.


Sally said...

Beverly, you are such a wonderful gramma! Your girls will love those darling dresses. And even more, they will love them because it was made with love by you. So very sweet and special!

Acorn Cottage said...

Those are the Grammie things that will be treasured for years to come! Very special indeed. You did a great job!


Sewn With Grace said...

How stinkin' cute is that?

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Those are so adorable! The detail on them is incredible. Your granddaughter's are going to love them. We've been surrounded by boys in our family too. There have been days when I've said "If I hear one more bodily function...". I should write a post on that one :-)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Your little girlies are going to be thrilled.......What a fun project.

Warm hugs,

FrenchGardenHouse said...

How sweet are those? Just beautiful. I can't wait til my own darling grandbaby is old enough for couture Doll clothes. xo Lidy