Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blue and White

This is the view of my wall if you are laying over one arm of Papaw's recliner, as my three year old grandson, Jack was doing one day last week when he just out of the "blue" said  "Mamaw, why do you have dishes on your wall?"  "Well" I said. "You know, if Mamaw is silly enough to have fake food all around the kitchen, then I am just silly enough to hang dishes on the the wall."  He just said "hummm." And that was the end of that.
So today as I was putting away my Valentines stuff and getting my hutch decorated again, I thought I would put some more of my blue and white dishes there and take pictures to share here. Before Christmas, it was full of my yellow dishes.

This is the view from the dining room. I liked it because you can see a reflection of the kitchen where I have my Colbalt Blue glassware displayed. I'll show that on another post.

This is the top shelf of my hutch with a couple more blue plates. As you can see, I still haven't put anything on top of the hutch to replace the pitchers I stole to put here:

This one and the one above are the middle shelf with a plate and a sugar bowl with no lid.  Also, two sweet little Alabaster birds. You should never, ever put Alabaster birds in the dishwasher. Ask any of my friends how I know that....Well, since you can't ask my friends (who still make fun of me for doing what I did), I will tell you, with a sheepish look on my face.
The first ones I bought were a little dirty (cheap, but dirty).  Like all of my milk glass I put them in the dishwasher thinking that would brighten them up.  Opened the dishwasher and no birds. I kept looking...I know I put them in there. You are probably a lot smarter than me and have already figured out what happened to them.  There was a little grainy residue in the bottom of the dishwasher....Yep, they dissolved.  So these babys will not go down that same road.

Two little plates.  Funny that one does not look quite that color in real life.

This last one is a cup and saucer that is one of my favorites. I pride myself in not paying much for things, so I sometimes pass up something if I think it is over priced.  I bought these along time ago separately and paid only .25 cents each for them.  For a long time I didn't even have them displayed together and one day I was dusting (don't do that often) and discovered that they were matching, so I had to go find one of these cute little stands to display them together.

Just wanted to share this last one so the whole hutch is visable. My youngest son built this for me. He is so good to take my cut out pictures from magzines of several different pieces of furniture and turning it into one beautiful piece.  I am so blessed with 3 sons and  a husband who all work with wood and make beautiful things with their hands....but the biggest blessing is that they are willing to do it for me.

This post is dedicated to my friend Mari Ellen who has emailed me and called me wanting to know why I hadn't posted anything in a while.  She is (she claims because of me) an addicted blogger like many of us and needed something new from me.

I really do have about 4 blog subjects  in mind right now, but because of weather and a couple of other problems haven't been able to get it together.

My next one will be showing you some window coverings I did for another friend. Finally got pictures at her house last night.

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I do love your blue. It is all gorgeous. I love the fabulous vignettes you've created on each shelf. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

Gail at Victorian at Heart said...

The blue dishes look great displayed on your yellow walls (I can't remember the name of the paint). I only have a few blue printed dishes but I'm beginning to get an itch for more so watch out when we are shopping....ha. As usual your displays are great. Love how you decorate with detail. I love Jack's comment.

Tracy said...

Oh I love that blue on both your yellow walls and that hutch! Be still my heart! It's gorgeous. Can't believe your son made! Your vignettes are so well done. = )

Jane said...

What a beautiful hutch. Your son did an amazing job!! I love the blue and white plates. I have plans to hang some plates around the mirror in my dining room too. I took a picture at a store yesterday to show my husband and then I saw your must be a sign!!!

Suzanne said...

Your wall is stunning and don't you love how you can get such a big, colorful statement from collectibles from your cupboards? An inexpensive way to make a big impact. Beautiful! Eric's cabinet is amazing. What talent you have in that family! And such a loving boy to do that for his mamma.

Farmchick said...

Love those blue dishes on the wall. Gorgeous.

Sewn With Grace said...

Your house looks so cheerful! I love seeing how everyone decorates. Have a blessed Monday Beverly!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I loved the little story about your grandson. Kids ask the best questions. Your answer was great too. Your plates are so pretty and that hutch is beautiful!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Wow, your hutch is so beautiful and it was made by one of your sons, how amazing and special is that! You have a one of a kind and an original.
You have been blessed for sure.
We just never know what our Grandkids are going say. LOL.
Take care and I really enjoyed your beautiful post today.
Big hugs, Elizabeth

Kolein said...

Wow. That hand built piece is stunning. Obviously a very talented family! I love the whites and blues!