Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coastal Getaway

Last Friday,  we took of for the central coast to visit our neighbors, Charles and Carol who have a house in Grover Beach, Ca. We have lived across the street from them for the past 6 years and have much in common.
Here they are standing next to their 1946 Chevy Truck that Charles has restored.
Behind them is their house in Grover Beach.
The second story is one room with a living area, complete with fireplace, kitchen, sleeping accomodations and a full bath. We were very comfortable there and Carol cooked great dinners for us. (kinda like a B&B).
Standing on the balcony, to the right beyond the trees is the ocean, so there is lots of cool beach air, which I love.
A little mini vacation.
Mr. SS and Charles golfed on Friday...27 holes...yep they have that in common.

Saturday, Carol and I took off early to find some garage sales.
She shares the love of the hunt with me.
It was so much fun riding around in this. People wave and smile.  I would ask Carol if that was someone she knew. She said "No, it's the truck. " Really fun!!
I didn't get pictures of her finds, but she found much more than I did.
I came home with this set of silverplate flatware.  Eight placesettings plus serving pieces.
Due to my lack of picture taking ability, you can't really see the pattern, but today as I was unpacking the pieces and thinking how much I liked them, it suddenly hit me....Last April I bought Ice Tea spoons that I loved.  I got them out, and you might remember this picture.
They are the same pattern as these Iced Tea Spoons, and I didn't even realize it when I bought them.  I am so excited. The best part is I got the 8 place settings and serving pieces for $10.00.  I will love using it in my next tablescape.
The only other thing I found other than a book, was also flatware.
I paid only $5.00 for four placesettings. I am giving these to my friend Gail at http://www.victorianatheart.blogspot.com/.
She does the best tablscapes and can build a whole theme from one thing. I know these will inspire her to create a great tablescape. Check out her blog (click on her name or blog name) to see this upcoming one and the ones she has already created.

After we unloaded from our garage sale shopping, we took off again for a farmers market in Arroyo Grande, just a few miles down the road.
Here we were met by music,
saw artwork
tasted fruit
tasted more fruit
bought veggies for dinner

Look at that baby zuccini and squash.
I made my special zuccinni for dinner that night.
I promise to share that recipe soon.
Carol made fresh homemade salsa and that was an ingredient in my zuccini dish.

Of course I never pass up a fresh bag of

Then as we were leaving we saw this guy. Even Carol was catching on to my  need for pictures to blog about. LOL. She said, "Oh, you have to get a picture of him for your blog."
He cooporated and let me walk right up to him. He even turned his head to pose.

Even though we had tasted strawberries from 4 different vendors, Carol said she knew of a stand that had fresher ones, so we went here, just down the street from her house.
Loved the 2 flags they were flying. Took this for you, Suzanne.
We bought a half flat of these
after tasting, of course.

Next post will take place in Morro Bay.

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Farmchick said...

All the the fruits and veggies at the market look so wonderful! I would love to have that truck to ride around in!

Suzanne said...

What a fun trip. I loved your flatware story. What were the chances of finding the same pattern? Even when you didn't know it was? Question: If you knew I'd love that flag (which I so do) why didn't you shimmy up that flag pole and get it for me? Hum?

Linda said...

Looks like you had a great time. I am with you on the yard sales...I just love them! The flatware is great! It's funny how it matches with the other set. I'd wave at you in that truck too!

Gail at Victorian at Heart said...

You have always been blessed with good neighbors, lol because you are the best, too. I love that beach area in Central California, it is so peaceful and beautiful. I know you had a great time. That is all the things we love to do. Thank you for the palm tree silverware...I already have a tablescape in mind. It may be a few weeks before I get to it. I love that truck!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Wow, what a nice weekend. My husband's step-dad lives in Nipomo, which is near Arroyo Grande, but I don't know where Grover Beach is. It must be close by though.

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

WOW that looks like way too much fun. I would of loved to ride around in that truck! Your silverware story is too funny and what great luck!
I will keep an eye out for a child's dress form. I found that one at a antique market for $30.00.. If I find another one I will snag it for you and send it to you :) Have a great day!

PattyAnnD said...

Those strawberries look yummy...as do all the other berries and veggies! I am thinking strawberry freezer jam! Also my eye went straight to those blue and white dishes..My grandmother had a very similar pattern..oh the memories they bring back of her great cooking. When you go to Morro Bay and and if stop at the Cotton Ball, leave some fabric for me ! =) We are headed over there next week. Have a great time Beverly.
BTW..I think you should have gone up that pole too to get that flag too for Suzanne! =)
Patty D.