Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sew On and Sew On and a Cool Down

Remember this
It came out like this (worn by Kenzi, a friend's grandaughter in Alice in Wonderland as one of the Queen of Heart's attendents.)

These were a special order for a Strawberry Patches customer for her nursery.
4 baskets lined with a mix and match of 4 fabrics.
Very fun to do, as I used to do a lot of basket liners and hadn't done them in a while.

Four of these aprons to take to my friend who has the gift and antique shop in Long Beach, Ca.
I did the machine embroidery only on these. The aprons came from Walmart. I used to buy them at Smart and Final, but I like these much better and the colors were a little brighter.  And only $6.00.  I'm thinking I could embelish these with some cute fabric and trims too...well not these, because they have been delivered already, but certainly a creative thought or two went through my head.

I also started the cutest little baby outfit and hat this week, but will wait to show it when it's finished.

That was the sewing part of this post. The cool down was getting to go to Long Beach to deliver the aprons, take my friend MariEllen out to lunch for her birthday and bid on a JOB which is a kitchen addition and remodel for her cousin, Lana, who is her partner at Aunt Fanny's.
After temperatures in the 100's all week here in Bakersfield, the cool beach air was heaven.
It's always a little nostalgic going to Long Beach, because we grew up and were married there.

Tomorrow we go to Morro Bay another cool beach town for a golf tournament for Mr. SS and some R&R (and maybe a little shopping) for me.  We have neighbors who have a house near there, where we can stay and enjoy the coolness.

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Jane said...

You have been very busy! The dress turned out very cute and she looks like a fitting Queen of Heart's attendants.
I love the basket liners. I opened up the picture to make it bigger and see all the detail. The fabrics you used are beautiful.
Enjoy your time at Morro Bay. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend.

Suzanne said...

You HAVE been busy! (I feel like I should be handing out tickets here - you know - show and tell at Bernina Club). The basket liners turned out perfect and will add the finishing touch to our customers nursery. Thank you for doing them so quickly. Thanks too for the tip about the Walmart aprons. We may need more and I was bummed that SF was no longer carrying them. Tell Aunt Fanny Happy Birthday from Bill & Suzanne. Safe travels!

Dodie said...

Would love to win that tote. So hope this is the right place. You make incredible gifts. What a talent you have been given.

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Beverly, I love all your creations! She looks so proud wearing her dress. Enjoy your R&R, I'm a bit jealous. Anything near water sounds so good to me right now. I wanted to let you know that I bought my retro ice cream cups at World Market. Do you have one by you?

Linda said...

The dress turned out so sweet! You have been busy...we were just in Long Beach yesterday at the quilt show at the convention center. It sure was much cooler there, but we have cooled down here too.Enjoy Morro Bay!

Farmchick said...

The dress did turn out so nice. Love those baskets too.

Dogmom Diva said...

Every time I see what you have sewn and crafted I am more and more in awe! All are beautiful. Hey I am jealous you get to go to beach towns! Have fun and chat later,

Sally said...

You have been so busy!! The dress turned out so sweet. Those basket liners brought back some memories. You create the most wonderful things. I hope you are having a great time at the coast. Hope to see you soon.