Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coastal Cool??

Mr. SS talked me into coming back down to Long Beach for a few days. I'm thinking Ahhhh! Cool coastal weather...NOT...It has been in the hundreds until today and the humidity is suffocating.
My excuse to stay holed up in my RV with the air cranked up and sew, nap and (can't believe I'm admitting this) watch soaps.
I only went out once to check out a quilt store close by that I found on line. Not to be cruel, but it was such a disappointment. I am so spoiled by my favorite store in Bakersfield, Strawberry Patches. You have to check out Suzanne's new blog(click on her name) and website (click on Strawberry Patches)It is so darn cute.
Anyway when I walked out side, the heat took my breath away. So I made a quick stop at the grocery store and haven't ventured out since.

Lots of windows in the RV and I love light, so I sit where I can see outside with out "feeling" outside.
Today as I looked out the door, I see a squirrel in a tree teasing a cat. We are in a trailer park, not an RV park, but I love it here. It is an over 55 park and so quiet. Lots of big trees like the one in the picture. I have a little patio and yard (not that I've used it this time)
Can you see the squirrel (click to enlarge). This went on for 45 minutes until the cat and I finally got bored.

I made 6 of my little Girlie Girl Bags. Three to take to Strawberry Patches and three for a Faire, I am doing with some friends. Two of my friends are selling antiques and two are selling jewelry. The purses have been selling well at SP, so thought I would try them in a show.
I'm really challenged taking pictures in the RV, but here goes.

I made these mostly from fabric left from my granddaughter, Drew's back to school blouse.
I love using up fabrics I have on hand. I also found some little ceramic apple buttons to use on these that I have had since the early 90's, I think.  That makes these so much fun...using what I have on hand.

I brought this magazine with me, and some cute fabrics that I got at (yeah, you know) Strawberry Patches
I love the Tiny Treat Bags in the upper right hand corner.
So I made a couple of these.

Well, not these, but these

These take 20 minutes to make after they are cut out. No kidding. I cut out enough for all the grandkids.
But I'm wanting to embelish with ric-rac, bow and buttons and I'm not at home where my stash is, so decided to wait and finish the others at home. Could go to JoAnn's...but too hot...and besides, as I said using up what I have and believe me, I have lots of embelishments...drawers of embelishments.

I did one more little project. My friend Ruth has this cute little flat wallet she carries coupons, money, cards etc. in and I thought it would be handy to have so I "borrowed" it and made a pattern to made this.
All made from scraps from another project.

It has two pockets. Don't think you can see them.
Really fast, easy project.
Mr. SS asked what it was called.
I said how about "Flat Ruthie" (after the friend who gave it to me)Uh-oh, that sounds funny. The Ruthie part, not the flat part.LOL
He didn't get it, but I was thinking about the "Flat Stanley" that kid in elementary school send around the US and have to take him everywhere they go and write about it.
I know, I have no imagination at all.

Well, speaking of Mr. SS.  He just got home from work and we are going to pack up and go back to
cool Bakersfield for the weekend.


Farmchick said...

You are so talented. I have never been a seamstress.

Suzanne said...

Love the apple fabric purse - very cute. You should make those little totes for the craft sale. Great way to use up scraps and they would make a great impulse sale. I think the hottest day of my life was in LB. So humid I remember getting out of the shower, drying off and being wringing wet in 5 minutes. I have to say it's not a whole lot better here this week. Welcome back!

Susy said...

Beverly you are so talented. I love the coupon carrier. I have something like that that I use for receipts and notes and sometimes currency. I bet our friend could sell those at her shop (: xoxo

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

I want to be in the camper sewing with you! WOW everything is beautiful! The purses, Halloween bags and all. And don't be afraid to admit you watch soaps, I am still mourning after Guideing Light and As the world Turns!
Have a great trip!

Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Hi Beverly. Those purses area adorable! I sure hopw you're pricing them for enough. I know the actualy sewing time may not be that much, but we both know that piecing takes time. Please account for that when you price them at your show.

We were talking via email about some other things you could make for the fair, and I wanted to tell you that I just saw a lady at a market here that sells cell phone holders that are merely a pocket attached to a braided string or ribbon that you can wear as a cross-over the shoulder purse, she calls them "Cell Phone & Ipod Holders", and then she sells checkbook holders that look like the coupon holder you posted - and her table was covered up with people!

Have you seen those ID Badges with pockets that people at shows wear around their necks? She was making those out of fun fabrics, and I heard her telling ladies they could use them as cell phone and money pockets so they don't have to carry a purse when shopping. She sold a lot of those by the end of the day too. (Email me if you want to see a picture of what they are. I have one that I use that's basic standard issue, but you'll see what I mean.)

Anyway, those are small things you could make in the RV that women would buy/need.

I'm excited to hear how you do at the fair.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You've been busy my friend! I'd heard it was hot in L.A. but didn't realize it was that hot right on the coast too. You definitely made good use of your time there with those sweet bags and wallets.