Monday, September 27, 2010

What Will $5.00 Getcha at Good Will

On Saturday, I was on my way home from measuring for curtains for a nursery and as I passed by a Good Will store, my car just "pulled" right into the parking lot. I haven't done any thrifting for a while and really didn't plan on stopping...You all know how strong that "pull" can be, right?

I've been reading on some of your blogs about finding Vintage sheets, so for $3.00, this one really caught my attention. Further examination shows it is not Vintage, because the label says Shabby Creations, but this pink sheet with pink flowers and little green leaves found it's way into my cart. It is like new and full size. Lots of fabric...for what I don't know, but I have a few ideas
Next this dirty little shade for 1.00  got me. I do know what I'm going to do with it. I have been wanting to cover one of these with some of my embroidered linens, using  cute little crocheted trims along the edges. Paint that ugly knob at the top or change it.
I've decided to do a tutorial on this, so you can learn right along with me.
Another 1.00 find. I have big plans for this too, and will show that to you later. First I'm thinking it needs to be white.

Not bad for a late Saturday afternoon thrifting stop and $5.00, huh??


Annelies said...

Great finds....and I was thrifting too. My cousin has been visiting from Holland and she LOVED what she calls Charity stores. So what did WE about a partial set of my "everyday" dishes ( a wedding gift 35 years ago)!!!! I have broken and chipped enough over the years to make it worthwhile to buy the set. A fun find...a fun memory!!!! XXX

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, awesome finds...I never find good stuff..I must hang out at the wrong thrift stores!! I don't go thrifting very often, I have enough stuff to fill one..


Susy said...

What a score! Good job Beverly. I buy sheets at garage sales for the Homeless Task Force - hadn't thought about Goodwill. Thanks for the inspiration. (:

Blessings, Susy

Jane said...

Not bad at all! I'm looking forward to your lampshade tutorial. I've got lots of embroidered linens just waiting for a project!

Linda said...

I will be watching for the lampshade tutorial...some good finds...I love Good Will!

Diana said...

Great deals!!!

Farmchick said...

Our Goodwill store is not very good. But, when I visit my out! They have the best GW store around.

Janean said...

beverly, you are the bargain queen. i bow to you! can't wait to see what creation you'll come up with!!!


PattyAnnD said...

I love going to Goodwill! I look at everything and just imagine the possibilities! I particularly look at clothing and think of it as just fabric and imagine what I can use the fabric, trims, or buttons for.
I look forward to seeing what you do with the sounds like it will be lovely.=)

French Kissed said...

Hi Beverly,

Can't wait to see what your talents bring to new life with these GW finds!


Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

Beverly, I lost your email.. Sorry.. but I found this and wanted to show you.
My email is
Iknew you were looking for one, and I found one on etsy,. and that is about what I paid for mine.

Sewn With Grace said...

What great finds! I have those sheets on my bed right now Beverly! Looking forward to seeing what you will do with them!