Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a Little Embarrassed...Only a Little!

I'm a winner again!!
Okay, I know y'all think I cruise blogs looking for giveaways.
I only enter when one of the ones I follow offers one.
Yeah, right you say...really.

Well, my sweet friend Elizabeth (and Gary) from
offered a $35.00 gift certificate from CSN. I blogged about it here a couple of weeks ago, but kinda forgot about it until yestersday  when she e-mailed me that I had won.

If you haven't visited her sweet blog, you need to go meet her and her husband Gary. She has a lot of decorating ideas, sews and crochets beautifully. (In fact she made a red and white afghan that I have coveted since she made it) She amazes me how much she gets accomplished as she works and has a long commute.
Click on her name above or her button in my side bar.

Speaking of buttons. Hers is another one of those sew cute ones. (Note to self...spend some time updating your blog look and get a cute button.)

Okay...back to the giveaway. I spent hours last night here. At first I was shopping for somehing outdoors. After all spring is right around the corner, right?
Then I heard the weather report for the weekend. Snow all around us and possibly in Bakersfield.
My thoughts went to snuggly and warm and  I came up with
It's a warm fuzzy throw and I chose the black and white one because as I have mentioned, I am adding all the black and white(heavy on the white)  I can to my black and tan decor.
Thanks Gary and Elizabeth!
I will think of you when I cuddle under my new throw.

God is Good!
Life is Good!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, OH MY! You are a lucky one! Hey don't feel bad, feel happy! Love the throw you ordered, looks so snuggly..hey they are even predicting some S.N.O.W. here..I'll believe it when I see it but it sounds like we might get some low snow anyway.
Cuddle away!

hugs and love

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Dear Beverly,
You are just the sweetest ever! you really are!
I love the throw you chose very much and I bet its going to look great with your new color decor.
I heard we might get snow in fun that would be, I keep looking out my windows (snow watching)LOL.
Big hugs XO, Elizabeth

Annelies said...

How cool....and the right person WON!!! So happy for you. Enjoy your new blanket and stay cozy!!!

Farmchick said...

So nice for you!!!!

Suzanne said...

You ARE lucky! Good for you. Now go to and enter to win $1,000 and send me $500 for a finders fee when you win.

Nancy B said...

Congratulations! I keep trying, but haven't won anything yet. I'm not accomplishing a whole lot and I'm afraid it's because I'm spending so much time at the computer reading these blogs!! Is there an "anonymous" for blog readers? LOL

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

Congratulations---you deserve it. Just keep blogging. You are so lucky so maybe we shouldn't have stayed in our rooms blogging on our last trip, we should of tried for the big That throw looks so comfy...good choice.