Monday, February 21, 2011

Sewing Christmas

My friend Renee from Sewn with Grace started this great idea last month. We are to make something every month to put away for a Christmas gift. I just didn't get myself together for January, but I worked a little bit each week to have this ready for February.
Acually, this one is for a friend. She was here (I'm embarassed to say) almost a year ago and we visited Strawberry Patches , where she bought the pattern, and a yd of that big polka dot. Then we were off to GW to find a pair of jeans to recyle.
My friend had surgery this month, so I was inspired to get this finished and off to her.

Now to the Sewing Christmas part...I was able to get a smaller version of the same bag out f the same pair of jeans and the fabric., so it will be put away for a Christmas gift.
I am having issues with the flower, so the smaller one is still waiting for it's rose.
The pattern says to heat and curl the ends of the petals. I have done that with the iron and curled it on a chopstick.  It opens up when cool. I tried the curling iron and that worked a little better, but due to my natural curly hair, my iron is "ginormas" (I got that adjective from my granddaughters, but it fits.)
Does anyone have and idea for curling these petals so they will stay curled?

Here's a closeup of the flower.
I think I will run walk up to my DIL's and borrow their "Baby Curls" iron. It is tiny and meant for Shirley Temple type curls, but I would still welcome any suggestions.

One of the reasons I wanted to do Sewing Christmas  with Renee was because her button is just so stinkin' cute. Click on it on my sidebar or here to see other gifts people are making to put away for Christmas.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, gosh those bags are so stinkin cute.I don't have a curling iron, I never figured out how to properly use one without burning the heck out of ME, so I gave up years no help on the curls for the flower..hopefully someone will have a good idea..honest those bags are just adorable..


Sewn With Grace said...

Oh my goodness! The bags are darling! Don't you just love polka dots? So glad you joined up today. You always make such beautiful things!

notes of sincerity said...

Oh what adorable bags!!!
They are precious! :o)
Sincerely, Trish

Marydon said...

What darling creations, Beverly. Love the curls ...

Have a beautiful week ~

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable. What pattern did you use. I have a couple of jeans from GW that I wanted to use for purses but was going to just make it up as I go but now that I've seen yours it would be worth the purchase of the pattern. My problem with this Christmas sewing is that I keep giving away what I make! Have a wonderful week, Patty

Farmchick said...

So gorgeous and creative. I love the color combo with the denim and the polka dot.

Suzanne said...

So cute Beverly and, I must say, it's about time! = ) We can blame the tardiness of the project to the out of stock handles.

All I can think of is to weigh down the petals while they cool. Hopefully once they are cooled and you remove the weights they will stay curled. Worth a try.

Stefani said...

I showed my mom your blog today and she had a fit over this purse. Let me know if you have any extras (haha) I finally got my rear end in gear and started my own blog. Inspiration???... your blog. It is just so cute (as usual with all you do). Check it out.
Right now it is boring but I hope to eventually put up pictures of some of my work and life. And since my life is mostly about your grandkids, I am sure you will want to take a look every once in a while.

Love you!

Katie Burke said...

Stumbled upon your blog today and have been enjoying myself scrolling through your posts! I absolutely LOVE this purse! Where can I find the pattern to make one myself?