Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sew On and Sew On

We're back in So. California again. But we had to move out of our sweet little old shady green trailer park.
They had a promised reservation for Feb. 1st. so I spent a good part of Sunday and Monday trying to find a new temporary home for at least another week. Hopefully Mr. SS will finish here by next Tuesday.
It's really hard to find a resonably priced RV park  around here and we ended up in Anahiem.
I call it the Asphalt Jungle. Nothing but asphalt and big rigs all around me...I miss the little old trailers, big trees  and green grass...can you tell?
It really makes me appreciate Bakersfield's abundance of nice RV parks and of course our own private space at our son's place.
Sew....I sew.
I brought a fun little project to do for my 14 yr.old granddaughter, Madi. She is getting a bedroom makeover. Going from little girl pink to big girl hot pink and black and white zebra. I will take a picture after it is complete. Here are the curtains I reconstructed. They were pocket panels with tiebacks
I cut the pocket off and made tabs from the part I cut off and covered large buttons by cutting the back off the tie backs then lining them with white flannel. I just love making something out of something else.

I have a special sewing order for a lady who wanted these cute little diaper and wipey holders.
I love the name of the pattern.
I am making 4 of the boy version.
and 4 with girl fabrics
Of course all these cute fabrics and the pattern came fromStrawberry Patches. While at my favorite store,
I also picked up these fabrics for one of my Girlie Girl purses that is for a gift.
Tommorrow I go back to Bakersfield so I can babysit the grands on Friday and start getting my grocery list  together for food for the big game on Sunday. 
I will post about that day next time as it is considered the "Parks Family Holiday" and how that came about.

God is Good!
Life is Good!


Suzanne said...

I'm sorry that you lost your sweet shady spot in LB. I know it's only temporary, but it was a safe and cozy home away from home.

Love your fabrics! Oh, yeah I guess I should since I ordered them, but seriously. I LOVE THEM! You make me want to sew. Oh, yeah that was my job wasn't it - making those diaper holders for that lady. Thanks for bailing me out! = ) Tell Dennis to hurry and get done down there. I have big plans for him right here at home! See you on Saturday.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi sweet Beverly, wow I LOVE the wipe holders, I may hve to commission you to make me some..of course I could prob do those myself..I made an apron out of that owl fabric for an apron swap that I need to mail out when I get home; so cute..oh and those drapes are awesome..You are awesome what can I say..
Enjoy your home away from home even if it is temorarily later I fly home on Saturday..


Janean said...

i'm not a big fan of asphalt either.... ;)

beverly, you chose the most yummy fabric and know which pattern goes with what. so talented it hurts! LOL.

frozen hugs from snowy missouri.

Susy said...

Hi Bev. You have such a great eye for fabric combo's - they all look so cute together. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Wish we had room for you to roost at our house - now wouldn't that be fun (:

Enjoy the SuperBowl! xo

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your granddaughter is going to love those curtains! You'll have to show those little diaper wipe holders when your done. Your fabric looks similar to the ones I used for the burp clothes :-)